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    In the Kitchen this Week | Anderson and Casey

    A dash of this, a pinch of that, and suddenly you have a very tasty meal. Course if you throw in some nice twink cock, a pair of warm fresh barely legal boy buns, you have a five star meal. Exactly what Anderson and Casey dish up in this rather entertaining bit of Celebrity Chef parody. It got me hungry,

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Jacking off in the bushes

Quick Blast in the Bushes

You know, a nice walk in the bushes can be very invigorating. Like you might find some other lost soul, in need of some rest and recreation, or in this case, a nice quiet moment to have a wank. Nothing like enjoying the beauty of nature, in the buff, and stroking one out.

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worshipping Daddy cock

Twinks Ravenous Hunger for Daddy Cock

Yeah okay call me a perv, but come on, I do enjoy blonds, and when they are as sexy as this hot thing, well, you know I got the lube out, the cum rag at the ready. Personally I do enjoy the fantasy of imagining two hot guys worshipping my love missile.

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hot blond jock

Delicious Cory Prince

I am not a fan of guys with tats, but honestly it just works for Cory Prince. He is so delicious looking, with that hair, those piercing eyes, and that hard stare. Hey, it works for me, plus he does have a nice Penis, but come on, who wouldn't want those hard thighs wrapped around themself?

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sexy college type twinkies

Lust at first sight | Brad and Travis

Nothing like some hot sun to make a guy sweat, and if he don't drink enough, well he can always find someone to offer him a nice warm drink of milk. Least if you are in lust with the guy, which happens with Travis and Brad. Oh to be young again, on a beach.

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Helix boys Cooper Steele and Troy Ryan

Quick Erection Alert | Cooper Steele and Troy Ryan

Different sites, same models, and a world of difference. When I first spotted sexy blond Cooper, I was not enthralled, but then when he moved over to Helix, damn, he sure became a hot looking young Twink. He had a look I never noticed before, that well, pulls nicely at the old heart strings. Course it sure works wonders on getting the Pecker aroused too!

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