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    A Hint of Danger

    I love that look of mystery and danger in Tony. He doesn't look like the typical twink, and that glare, is amazing. Course so is his penis, but it is the look, that gets me a bit weak in the knees. Those eyes look so sexy, dangerous even that it makes you throw caution to the wind, and just want to take him home to have him bang you, anyway he wants. Or maybe he'd prefer you to bang him? Either way, it would be a fun night.

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sex in the back of a minivan

Minivan Sex

I am not a fan of the preppy boy look, but damn it, sometimes these guys can just pull it off. And you know, it kind of suits that they are making out in the back of the Minivan. I mean does anything else say Suburbia Boys to you?

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Jayden gets help in cumming

Getting Jayden Off

For me, it is the look as much as it is the cock and ass, and let me tell you, this dark haired guy has that look. Oh, and yeah he does have a nice looking cock and oh so sweet looking ass to go with that look. I might just be in heaven, as I imagine it to be.

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romantic affair with Bel Ami boys

Pair of Bel Ami cuties | Jerome and Helmut

Bel Ami boys have a special place in Daddy's heart. They were my first online passion at the beginning, and they still remain one of my all time favorites. Hey, with guys like Helmut Huxley, can you blame me for obsessing over them? They just keep getting better too!

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hot cock

State of Porn-O-Land | The POV Craze

In some ways, it is quite arousing to watch a hot guy being blown or fucked, as if you are the lucky bastard getting it. But not all sites can pull it off, they try to either get too artsy fartsy, or just add shit that makes the whole POV fantasy tiresome and well, bit annoying.

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hot three way blow jobs

Being Rescued can be Costly

I do enjoy lending a helping hand to a needy Twink, specially if they look like these two. Me, I am smitten by the dark haired hottie, and I wager ten to one, he is one hot party animal too. Hey I love a twink who can get wild and dangerous, it makes the sex oh so much more entertaining. Don't you think?

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ripped muscle twink masturbates

I do love a show off with a big dick

I really need to take a vacation to Eastern Europe. I mean all them hot young boys that Eastboys has, will certainly make the trip interesting, and besides, I might just run into Alexander over there. Damn he has a nice Pecker, and body to match.

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Fondling a big dick

Call me greedy, but I do love a nice big thick cock, specially when it comes with a nice slender tall handsome young guy like Eastboy's Mark Blom. Seems he does enjoy a nice firm hand too, though I'd prefer to use not just my hand.

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    Licking the Butt Crack is not a good Rim Job

    There are a few good sites out there, that show a decent rim job. Most don't, but damn, Bel Ami sure as fuck does. I love how they show the pucker hole, how they capture the tongue as it is in mid lick. And damn, those Bel Ami boys know how to spread their lovely ass cheeks. Like that is essential if you want a good rimming. I am in hog heaven when I see a hot rimming, followed by some large uncut cock being stuffed into the recently tongued butt hole. It just has me rushing to satisfy myself. Which is what good porn is supposed to do.

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  • sex in the back of a minivan
  • Jayden gets help in cumming
  • hot three way blow jobs
  • ripped muscle twink masturbates
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