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Staxus hottie Kris Blent


Staxus continues to add to its reputation for having some damn hot looking young guys, like Kris Blent.

This blond Twink has a very piercing look, and yet when he smiles, it is like the room has suddenly been bathed in beam of direct sunlight.

Still, it is that piercing look, that gets a guy quivering with anticipation, don’t you think?


sexy young blond twink


I am certainly enjoying all the young talent over at Staxus. I mean guys like Noah Matous, and now Kris Blent, just makes for some damn good sex fantasies.

I wonder, if there are any scenes featuring those two?

Now that would certainly have me pumping the old banana extra hard.

Can you imagine running into him in a bar, in those ripped jeans, that leather jacket?

I sure would be sending him a drink or two, hoping for a connection, wouldn’t you? 


Slender and hot looking twink


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stud muffin

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