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Sweet Jessie

Helix twink Jessie


You know, when he first started at Helix, Jessie Montgomery had some big shoes to fill. I mean Kyle Ross was slowing down, and if I remember right, was taking time off for a bit.

And they expected Jessie to fill those shoes, which you gotta admit, is not an easy task.

But there was something about Jessie, that made him an instant taste treat.

Let’s be honest, he isn’t a pretty boy, and yet he had a way of drawing you into his world, very much like Kyle Ross could do.


sexy blond Jessie


I have watched him grow into his job as a Model for Helix, and I have to say, every new scene only shows how much he’s matured into the job at hand.

He still can sell me on the fantasy, and to be honest, better than when he first started.

Of course his role in Helix Academy was something special, but now, well, he has filled out a bit, and soften the facial features too, which only makes him more adorable, and desirable.



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