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Alex Killborn and Noah White

Remembering losing his cherry


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Showing off his lovely twink body for his first


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Helix Studios continues to impress me with how it can make a fantasy seem all so real. Seriously, the way Alex is stripping down, slowly undoing his pants, and bringing out his gorgeous Penis, makes him look so shy, as if it really is his first time showing off for another hottie. (In this case Noah White)


Finally losing his virginity the Hard way


Description from Helix Studios.

Losing ones virginity is one of the most sacred and celebrated rites of passage in the life of a young man.

Join us as Alex Killborn recounts in deliciously detailed description, his first time knocking boots with another blushing, boy-hungry teen. In this fond & filthy deflowering flashback the part of the curious virgin catcher is a perfect fit for the young & nubile Noah White.

Some say sex should be saved for that one true love. Others think sex is like pizza, even when it’s not great, it’s still pretty good. All in all, whether it’s good, bad, happy or sad… Don’t knock it ’til you try it.


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I am a retired 'white collar' gentlemen who managed to put aside enough money, that I can now indulge my true pleasure in life... eighteen and older young men. I am not a sex nut, just someone who believes sex does not end at 65. I may not always get what I desire, but then, I have a very good imagination, that helps me enjoy what I cannot physically have.

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