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sexy straight boy Derrick

Fun Loving Derrick Knows How to Dick’em

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There are times when you find a treasure, that just seems to make you feel good.

Derrick Dickem from Zac Randall is one of those hidden treasures that simply captured this Old Geezer’s heart.

I mean that sweet face, the seemingly constant smiling countenance, and the glint in those eyes, all makes for a good beginning to an old fashioned daydream.

Then too, there is his stage name, like a guy who calls himself “Dickem” has to have an awesome sense of humour, don’t you think?

Come on, the guy is well built, and looks like he enjoys sex, even if it is with a guy. (Hey, straight boys do love a nice tight hole, don’t they?)

It may not be extra large but damn it gets the job done

Description from Zac Randall

Straight Boy Gets His First Gay Ass

We knew it wouldn’t be too hard to get straight boy Derrick fucking a hot gay hole, and Marcus was the perfect choice. A little chat and cock sucking has Derrick forgetting about his girlfriend, soon taken to the couch and sucked off, his cock quickly finding its way into Marcus’ ass! After fucking that hole and spurting his cum into Marcus’ face it’s clear Derrick is gonna be down for more

Daddy does love a good squirt

About Daddy Sweet Tooth

I am a retired 'white collar' gentlemen who managed to put aside enough money, that I can now indulge my true pleasure in life... eighteen and older young men. I am not a sex nut, just someone who believes sex does not end at 65. I may not always get what I desire, but then, I have a very good imagination, that helps me enjoy what I cannot physically have.

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