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That is Why He Gets Me Off

sexy as hell

Kyle Taken by Muscle Jock Will
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More of Kyle Being Taken by Will

If that doesn’t get a guy horny, I don’t know what will.

I do love a sexy romantic scene, and to see a big beefy guy like Will Parks, holding a sweet looking twink like Kyle Ross, in his arms, off the ground, I mean really, it gets the old blood flowing double time.

The way Will looks, sort of satisfied, and then we have Mr. Super Twink himself.

His head nestled under Will’s neck, his hand pulling on his cock, while his asshole is filled by Will’s big dick.  Like that isn’t going to get a guy reaching for some lube, or just stroking like a madman?

It fucking got me working the old Pecker double time.

Watch The Video of Kyle Ross Being Taken by Muscle Jock Will Parks




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