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Groin Pull My Ass

Horny jocks make out in locker room

Faking An Injury for Sex
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Ethan White is one rather skinny young man, and while I don’t quite seem him as the Jock type, I would imagine he’d play some sports, otherwise Ethan would not be such a toothpick.  Well body wise, because damn Ethan sure has a nice Pecker.  
Now Sylar Blu isn’t exactly Beefy either, but he is such a horn dog, I can see him hanging around the Locker Room, to offer any services he can, for the tired Jock boys.  And hell, if I had a shot at Ethan White, well fuck, I’d hang around 24/7 myself.  



Ethan heals just in time to pound Skylar's tight boy hole

Quick Groin Pull Recovery
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Personally I never thought about using that excuse, that I’d pulled my groin. I mean its perfect, good excuse to get a nice massage, and well, anyone touching you down there, is gonna get that Pecker stiff, which has to lead to a lot more than embarrassment.

Sylar certainly knows how to play the angles but I’ll wager Ten to One, that Ethan set it all up on his own. I mean sure, Skylar is a bit of a slut, but Ethan is rather sex crazy himself, which is why he sure healed up quickly, in time to pound the cum right out of Skylar’s tight boy hole.




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