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Party Time with Evan and Kyle

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Such a Romantic
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Kyle Ross is a favorite of mine, what can I say, I love his sexy sweet smile.

Yeah okay I also love how he just loves to get fucked, but it really is much more than that.

What gets me the most about my little Kyle, is how always seems ready to get down and Party, and for him, that means enjoying a nice tasty cock, and if he’s super good, lots of fresh hot cum.

Would you want it any other way? Honestly, isn’t that just what we look for in a young sex partner?

Plus he does really sell me on being obtainable, which makes the fantasies more real, more intense.

Now Evan Parker is damn sweet too, but he’s gotta lose those earrings.

Don’t know why so many Porn Actors wear them, but I find them annoying. But hey, I am old and entitled to be a bit picky. Especially when it comes to my Twinkies.

While Kyle is a Bottom, Evan does seem to prefer being a top, though Kyle has a bigger dick. Go figure huh?

Though you’d never know it, by the way Kyle seems to look, as he takes Evan’s ccok deep inside that very nice boy hole of his.

Wish I could trade places with him though, and have Kyle nibbling on my ear lobe. That is such a turn on for me.


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getting boned

Twink Sex
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One of the best things I enjoy about Helix, is the photographs. They are super large in the member’s area, and very clear.

A guy gets to see every detail, including that piercing Kyle has, just above his boy hole, or is that below it? Damn I need new glasses.

I have no idea why anyone would want one there, but hey, somehow I think it has to do with sensitivety, not like I know.

body piercing

Kyle’s Piercing


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About Daddy Sweet Tooth

I am a retired 'white collar' gentlemen who managed to put aside enough money, that I can now indulge my true pleasure in life... eighteen and older young men. I am not a sex nut, just someone who believes sex does not end at 65. I may not always get what I desire, but then, I have a very good imagination, that helps me enjoy what I cannot physically have.

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