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Give me some Sizzle

It isnèt just the guys, but how they are depicted

The Turn On and the Turn Offs
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Maybe I am just too old, or too Picky, but I want my Photographs to Turn Me On, to Excite Me, not Turn Me Off
When you are old, and never was a raving beauty, the options of getting lucky are slim to none, unless you got something else to offer.  Especially if you love cute young men. Course you might luck out and have yourself a “Life Partner” but that doesn’t always happen.

Kind of why one turns to their imagination, and Porn.

Being old has its advantages, but it is also a rather lonely existence. Friends you knew, are either senile, too crotchety to get around, and things just don’t work like they used to.  Course for some of us, the important things still do work, but when you are single, well, sexual companions are at a premium.

Which is maybe why I expect a lot, from my Porn.

Iwant my porn to stimulate me, not just get my Dick erect. I can do that without any pictures or videos. I want something to stimulate my imagination, to make see a picture and whistler, thinking how nice it would be to be there, to be able to touch him, or have him touch me.

Life is boring enough, I expect my Porn to waken my imagination, not put it to sleep.


sexy young Emo twink with tattoos

Can he excite me enough?
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You know I get that it isn’t easy to show a guy jerking off, and make it different enough to excite a guy. I get all that, but there are ways.  Honestly, a change of set alone can do wonders for a person’s imagination.  Make it look like he is at a Bar, in some Store, but why does every Porn site use the standard on a couch or on a bed, to have a guy Jerking Off.

Now maybe you only jerk off at home, on your bed in your favorite chair, but I sure as fuck don’t. Okay, sure it isn’t easy to masturbate out in public, and I sure as fuck aren’t talking about doing that.  But you can be in your car, or off in the bushes somewhere, and well, it is a bit risky, but its doable.


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A Story LIne Helps

A Story LIne Helps

Kyle Ross and Tanner Sharp make it seem real

Just a Color Change, but Damn It Is Hot
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Kyle Ross is well known, and yet Helix manages to make him different. Sure he sucks cock and gets his boy hole fucked, but they still make him seem fresh, available, and unique.  They put him into a story line, that really is barely touched on, but it is enough to spark a guy’s imagination.

Sure you need a guy who can show some emotion too, and if you look at those pictures, the way the color is dark, and Kyle is off in shadows, you see his expression outlined. I mean that is fucking hot, and has me thinking of him in my room, bathed only from the Moonlight coming into the room.   Has me stroking hard, too.

Making Jerking Off Erotic & Exciting

Making Jerking Off Erotic & Exciting

Adorable young twink masturbates

Jessie Montgomery turns the mundane into something Special
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Ican’t count how many times I have seen a good looking Twink jerking off on some nice black leather chair or sofa. And honestly it does nothing for me, until I saw this particular scene with Jessie Montgomery.He is a very handsome young man, but no better looking, or worse looking, than the others, but the way this episode was photographed, made all the difference in the world.

Asimple change of color, making the normally bubbly Jessie look pouty, petulant even, sold me on the whole scene. It also sparked my imagination, the “fatherly” part of me that wanted to just cuddle him, to make him know that he wasn’t alone, and didn’t need to masturbate all by himself.   Crazy maybe, but hey it sure as fuck gave me a good orgasm, & all from making it a dark setting.

Cute Just Isn't Enough

Cute Just Isn't Enough

Cute young twinks make out

James and Danny on the Black sofa
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Bof these guys are good looking, they even show some expression, but there is that Black sofa again.  It just makes it seem, well mundane, like I have been here before.  If you check out the one with Jessie, it was a damn sight more erotic, simply because of the dark color.

Sucking cock and fucking a nice ass can only be shown so many ways, so for me, I want to see something added, that makes me horny, makes me imagine that they could be with me.  Maybe if they’d been filmed in some dorm room, or even in the backyard it would have made me enjoy them more.  It really doesn’t take much to make it different.

Look at Him, Not the Camera

Look at Him, Not the Camera

Working out turns into a sex fitness moment

Ethan is gorgeous, I’d be looking at him, not the Camera
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Seems to me, if you want to believe in the story line, or the episode, that the guys should not be mugging for the Camera.  Honestly, it totally fucks up a good fantasy, with them staring up at a Camera, while they got a big cock stuffed up their ass. It just isn’t natural, they should be tossing their head, moaning, or looking like they can at least feel that dick going in and out of their boy holes.

The guys at Staxus are fucking hot, plus I love that they are not always in the same setting. Hell, at times it looks like some interesting spots to find a good fuck buddy, or comes across as being a random thing. And that does spark one’s imagination, which it should.  Then suddenly they are staring at a Camera, that just ruins the moment.


I am really not asking for a Hollywood production, I just want to see a bit more imagination used, because damn it, these guys are usually damn good looking, and it’s a shame how some sites make them look, well Boring.


Kyle Ross tops his buddy

Kyle penetrates Tanner
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Just look at Kyle Ross’s and Tanner Sharp’s faces, and you can feel the moment. It doesn’t matter that in virtually all of the previous scenes with Kyle Ross, that he is the Bottom getting fucked. You actually believe he is a Top in this particular scene, that he is enjoying giving his buddy his first taste of being Fucked.   Plus Tanner helps too, by showing how it feels, to take Kyle’s cock.

Yet what truly sells it all, is the use of the darkness, the degrees of shadow that come into play. Hell, even how Kyle’s hair is flopping down over his forehead, as he stares DOWN at Tanner’s spread apart ass cheeks.  That is what clinches the deal for me, and what makes me want to actually see more.

Granted, what I think is “boring” others may find enticing, but I am not saying not to do that stuff, just that wouldn’t it be nice if they mixed it up a bit?  Like Bel Ami does, with different settings, where even the beds are different, different colors, which makes the same type of sex, just seem different, or fresher.

I like sharing my Twinks, talking about them and what makes me excited about them.  Plus, it helps an old geezer feel more connected too, but damn it, I get so fucking pissed off with routines.  Bad enough us Old Farts have to take medicine at this time, with this food, or do this at this time, to keep breathing, or watch what this food has, doesn’t have, just so we don’t get plugged up.

All I want is some more Sizzle in my Porn, so I can at least enjoy the fantasy of being popular with the young guys, and actually not have to limit my enjoyment to once every other weekend, assuming the old budget doesn’t get fucked with some new medication or the electric bill is too high.


  • Ivan Thundero
  • Kyle Ross and Tanner Sharp
  • Brad Fitt, Connor Levi, Jesse Magowan
tattooed Emo twink Ivan

Emo Twink Ivan
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Kyle sucks Tanner's hard cock

Kyle Ross with Tanner Sharp
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Raw threesome with Brad,  Jesse, and Connor

Bareback Threesome
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  • Jessie Montgomery
  • James and Danny
  • Ethan White and Skylar Blu
sexy young man jerks off

Jessie Montgomery Masturbating
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young twinks make out

BoyzParty James and Danny
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Twinks fuck in the gym

Ethan Drills Skylar’s Ass
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