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Damn Gorgeous and Delicious Pair

sexy young men Tim and Alexander

Lovely young pair of Twinks
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I am in absolute Heaven. The instant I saw these two I was reaching for some lube and my fresh clean cum rag. Hey, that Tim Walker is damn cute, and his buddy, Alexander Syden is no slouch in the cuteness department either.  But you know what really gets me stroking, is they are both naughty sex fiends.

How can anyone ignore their ‘hotness’ when they find out how horny these two young pups are, for some sweaty and penetrating sex? It is an Old Man’s dream come true, to have a pair of them, willing to frolic around. Hell, I just know these two are gonna haunt my dreams tonight, as well as right now.


Alexander Syden

Alexander Syden

Auburn haired young twink Alexander

Twinky Alexander Syden
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A lexander is so sweet looking, so adorable, you’d never know this guy has an insatiable appetite for sex. What I love is not just the Auburn hair, or that innocent look, but how he is so into getting that gorgwous ass of his stuffed. Alexander just loves having it stretched, filled with either a nice thick cock, or if that isn’t possible, well it seems even a good fist will do. LOL

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Tim Walker

Tim Walker

young naked Czach Tim Walker

Horny young Czech Tim Walker
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Tim is my favorite out of these two, simply because he smiles and has lovely long hair.  It isn’t just that he also has a lovely eight inch cock, but I do like a young man who can smile while enjoying his sex.  While his buddy Alexander is supposedly quite the horn dog, Tim is no slouch in that department either.  Plus he sure doesn’t look Twenty One, which means he’s still got that boyish charm, that this Old Geezer enjoys so much.

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It is rather funny, but I hate it when the guys stare at the Camera Dude (in case you haven’t already found that out) but with Tim & Alexander, I actually don’t mind as much. Their natural beauty just keeps my aged mind thinking about all the fun I could have, with them both as my companions.   Assuming the old ticker could survive having the pair of them with me.

sexy young twinks posing for the camera

Hello Mister Camera Dude
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What can I say, they are that adorable.  Maybe it is just that I have plans for the weekend, though I suspect it is more because of just how much I do enjoy young horny guys like Tim & Alexander. I mean, with both of them, I get everything I enjoy about Twinks.  Long hair, big cocks, versatility, and horniness.   Not something you get all that often.


Twinks gets his tight ass drilled and stuffed

Big Cock Meets Hungry Tight Boy Hole
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Don’t Rub Too Hard, You Could Do An Injury LOL



Despite some of the negativesm, mainly the guys staring at the Camera, I am finding some damn good jerk off material with the Staxus sites.  I mean they have several niches, all under one cover, which means, its a bit of a bargain. And you know how us old Farts are, we love a bargain.  But seeing the way Tim drills Alexander’s tight ass, along with just, well, both of them, I need to explore Staxus a bit more closely.   After all, it isn’t easy finding quality jerk off material, like Alexander and Tim.

I suppose if I was working, not retired, I’d be quicker in spending a few bucks here and there, but honestly, the choices for a Pensioner are a bit limited.  We have to be careful, and I do like to have something left over, for my “Special Friends’ that help generate some real life memories.  Though the way prices are going up, I might have to resort to more “fantasy moments’ than I’d like.  Least if I do, there is some good ones waiting with guys like Tim & Alexander.   LOL


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  ow can anyone ignore their 'hotness' when they find out how horny these two young pups are, for…

Review Overview

Quality of Models - 94%
Arousal Quotient - 87%
Cum Factor - 90%
Story Line - 70%
Fantasy - 92%


Daddy's Score

Summary : They are too cute, and when they are that cute, an old man can forgive a lot of things, including the staring at the camera. Though you know, in this case, it actually enhanced my fantasy. Plus, the action guarantees I'll be dreaming about them again, later.

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