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That Will Not Sell Me

Twink staring at camera while sucking a cock

Now That Just Turns Me Off
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Really, I should have stayed in bed today, because I’ve opened up two promotional packages, and am so turned off, that my aching Pecker is totally limp.  I had such high hopes for at least one good wank this afternoon, but damn, after seeing this release from Twink, well, I need some bicarbonate.

Whoever chose the pictures for this promotional package, needs to be, well sent to see an eye Doctor.  I mean no way is seeing a guy staring up from a gorgeous cock, into the camera, with only the whites of his eyes showing, the pupils rolled up into his head arousing.  That is just, well Ugly.

Produced in 2011, released on the site April 2013 and they don’t know who the two guys are? Geez, give me a break
It isn’t like the guys are ugle, just how they are made to look. Plus, I really do think this staring into the Camera is not going to get my fantasies super charged. At times, when they have a nice hard cock in their mouth, and they are looking over at the camera, well it is like they are waiting for instructions on what to do next.  And that certainly isn’t what I’d call, arousing, would you?

Follow the fucking story, I mean if two guys are in a public toilet, see each other, then whose dick is being poked through the Glory Hole? And why would they be looking away from the cock that is just barely inside their mouth?  If you are going to have a story line, how about letting the pictures tell the fucking story, without making it seem so poorly staged?

They aren’t bad looking guys, those cocks look kind of nice too, so why ruin it with some cheap photography?  It is a good story, with some good cock sucking too, or so it seems at times.  The fuck shots, well once more we got a guy staring at the Camera, while his buddy is about to penetrate his hole.  Uh, that Dick isn’t a Monster one, but any decent cock is gonna hurt a bit, when it first slips past that pucker hole.  And this guy is looking for directions?

Names are important, even if they are ficticious.  It gives one something to dream about, not like you fantasize over some “hey you” or ‘dark haired one’ now is it?  So why not just make up some name, slap it on a model shot, use face recognition software so if they show up again, you already got a name for them.   Hey, it helps in the fantasy, and that helps in selling the site. Don’t you think?

sixty nine on bathroom floor

That Gets Me Horny
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Not every photograph turned me off. In fact I rather enjoyed the scene of the two guys sixty nining it, Hey, I do enjoy a nice cock being sucked, better when both are engaged. Plus I do like the plot, even though it fell flat in execution. I mean spotting some hottie in a public restroom, you checking him out, him sizing you up, is part of our DNA I think. LOL
Other than the poor quality of some of the pictures, there is also the implausability of the story line. I mean if you say they were checking each other out, where the fuck does the Glory Hole come into the whole picture? If the guys are checking each other taking a whiz, well, isn’t that gonna lead to the sixty niner, and more? Not enough of the “more” either. Show me a bit more, without them staring into a bloody camera and it might help sell me.


  hoever chose the pictures for this promotional package, needs to be, well sent to see an eye Doctor.  I mean no way is seeing a guy staring up from…

Review Overview

Model Allure - 72%
Erection Level - 23%
Orgasm Quotient - 2%
Story Plausibility - 74%
Fantasy Inspiration Level - 10%


Daddy's Score

Summary : I just can't see spending money on this site. Sure the guys are sort of okayish, not always Twinks though. Bit of a mix, but honestly, is this recycled material, or something purchased in some bargain basement over in Russia? Not much is given, to let me have a good fantasy either, no details, so is it different inside? I ain't gambling with my money, how about you?




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