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Daddy Wants A Massage Like Tim

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I Want Them
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If you look at the middle picture, Tim Walker has that perfect Twink pose, that simply makes me weak in the knees. Hey, he is damn gorgeous with a very nice Penis, and with that look, I’ll give him whatever his little twink heart desires.



Sexy twink gets more than just a rub down

I want to give Tim a Massage
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You know I think I could be having a massage twice a day, if one of the masseuses was either Tim Walker or Kevin Ateah. Honestly, I’d go bankrupt hiring those two for a nice hard body rub.  Like just look at Tim Walker and tell me you wouldn’t enjoy feeling his hands caressing your body.

Under normal circumstances, I’d never get this lucky. But hell, this is my fantasy and you know, I can see myself being serviced by them both. And yeah, John Parker isn’t bad either, but me, I want Kevin and Tim.  Now if John is the main guy, and Kevin is his helper, well, I am ready for that too.

Maybe I could get myself a special frequent user discount? Tim is just way too cute for my own good. The young man has a nice body, killer looking Penis, but more than that, there is life sparkling in those eyes, that absolutely has me stroking like a fucking banshee. The guy is that delicious looking.


It may sound trite, but damn it, those European Twinks are so fucking hot, it makes me want to head on over there, to gather them up and bring them back home with me. Like the sex is always hot, it seems, plus they have a more fresh look to them, than most North American twinks. (Helix boys excluded). I mean they don’t look as bored as their cousins across the pond look.



On the pretext of getting a rub down, it is amazing how often it can lead to some damn good sex.  Somehow I don’t see Tim Walker in need of an ordinary rub down, but hell, what a fucking fantasy it can be. Thinking I am perhaps John Parker, called to help ease this sexy long haired young man of all that muscular tension.  Not sure I could handle him staring up at me, with such a trusting look, without popping one giant sized boner instantly.

Who could not resist bringing along a helper either. I mean Tim is way too much Twink for any one person to handle, and somehow in my dream, I always have a nice hot young assistant ready to help provide some extra hands. Or in this case, an extra mouth and tasty ass.  Though personally I want first dibs on Tim’s lovely firm tushie, and thick cock.  After all, I am the licensed professional here, not my assistant.



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Review Overview

Model Allure - 90%
Erection Level - 95%
Orgasm Quotient - 89%
Story Plausibility - 82%
Fantasy Inspiration Level - 97%


Daddy's Score

Summary : Its a knock out winner. Tim Walker is just perfect and this time they certainly caught his personality on camera, with that sexy coy pose. Kevin is pretty hot in his own right, and even the masseuse isn't bad looking. Certainly got me stroking faster.

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I am a retired 'white collar' gentlemen who managed to put aside enough money, that I can now indulge my true pleasure in life... eighteen and older young men. I am not a sex nut, just someone who believes sex does not end at 65. I may not always get what I desire, but then, I have a very good imagination, that helps me enjoy what I cannot physically have.

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