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Wash Rinse and Dry

sexy young man takes a shower

I will help wash him anytime
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Justin Lebeau is one of this old man’s favorite young men. Honestly the guy just has the looks and charisma that gets me instantly erect and ready for some really imaginative fantasies. And this scene, with him in that big empty shower, well I am gonna need a shower after I get finished dreaming about him.


Justin Lebeaue gets ready to shower

Even with the chin hair, he’s adorable
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Yes, I do tend to obsess over certain young models, mainly because they are so damn good looking, it would be criminal to not want to enjoy them, often, in one’s sexual dreams.  After all, that does tend to help alleviate the daily stress in an old person’s life.  Hey, it’s not easy being old.

Unlike so many others, Justin is one of those guys I can’t get enough of. I mean the long shaggy hair, that face, that awfully sexy stare of his, just has me quivering with desire.  Even the chin hair, is attractive on his face.  I mean he isn’t overly hairy, which is good, but damn he makes me ache, just staring at him, dressed or not.

Justin stretched out on the floor, naked

I’d do him anywhere he wanted
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When I look at him, I don’t just get weak in the knees. In fact, I never can look at him while standing, as all the blood rushes from everywhere, straight to my rock hard cock.  And it keeps pumping to there, until I manage to break the cycle with a super  hot orgasm.

And yes, I have always had a great orgasm, after watching Justin, whether in a solo set, or with someone. And you know, it never matters who he is with, because I never seem to focus on them, just on that very fit young man.  I can’t help it, but he has a wonderful build to him.


Justin gets all lathered up in the shower

I’d be dropping the soap constantly
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Don’t you just love seeing all that soap slithering down that beautiful body?

If that doesn’t get you hard, well you have to be dead. Honestly, that is a well cared for body, that I would love to be caressing and fondling, in any circumstances.  That bit of chest hair, all matted by the soap, those muscles bulging, all make me want to just reach out and lick the damn soap off of him.

Hey, I’d even lick his underarms, if it would make him happy.  I am that enamoured by him, by the way he seems to be. In other words, he comes across as one very sweet sexy young man, that it would be a pleasure to be with, even just socially, never mind sexually.

Then there is that lovely sexy ass of his. How can one ignore those lovely orbs of flesh?  Even the hint of red, from the hot steamy water, has me imagining my hand moving all around them, rubbing the soap in, seeing the water rinsing the suds off, while slowly cascading down between those two firm orbs.

Like fuck, that would drive me nuts, watching the hot water drip down between those cheeks, seeing them shudder a bit, as my fingers lightly pulled them apart, to let the water flow down that valley of hidden promises.  Yeah, okay I am going off on the deep end, but hey, that is Justin’s ass we talking about. It is worth some superlatives.

And then there is that lovely beautiful Penis.



Words really fail me, when I stare at that beautiful Penis. It is not just thick and on the long side, but it just looks, well a perfect match for someone like Justin, and that body of his. The idea of just touching it, has me breathless and panting.


Finishing his shower

It would take me ages to dry him off, properly
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Honestly, I’d give my right eye for a chance to play with those tasty ass cheeks, or to kiss those lovely lips of Justin.


The problem with just about every episode I have seen, with Justin Lebeau, is that I have more than one night of wet dreams, thinking of him, of that gorgeous Penis.  He really has gotten into my imagination, and I can see myself running into him, at a store, or some shopping mall, and finding myself ready to faint.

In real life, I doubt I would have the gumption to approach him, though I think if I did, he wouldn’t be angry, or even rude about it. Somehow I think he would be a true gentlemen, and who knows, even accept having a cup of coffee with an old geezer, who simply admires him.


Justin Lebeau's beautiful penis

Too Lovely Not See More Of
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