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Jessie Shakes His Booty

Jessie warms up with a pole exercise

Pass the lube Please
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Watch the Replay of Jessie’s Lap Dance


I need a good spanking, because really I need to start setting my Monday evenings, to watch all the Live Shows from Helix. I missed this Lap Dance special, which really ticks me off. I knew it was happening, but forgot. Hey, its an old person thing, okay? But least as a Member, I get to watch the replay’s but I’d much rather have been online watching as it happened. Jessie is just way too good looking to miss any of his live shows.



Jessie performs a hot sexy lap dance

I Do Love A Gyrating Young Hottie Like Jessie
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Click to see Jessie’s Live Lap Dance Replay


You gotta admit that Jessie Montgomery has some damn fine moves. Obviously Max was enjoying them, but in looking at the replay, and the pictures, it isn’t just the moves that gets me horny, but it is the range of emotions his face shows. That Twink knows how to shake his body, but he accents each shake, each wiggle of those lovely hips, with a special look, that only makes those motions, well, more fucking erotic.

Impossible, I know, but really Jessie just seems to get me warm and excited, all in seconds. Just a flick of that dyed blond hair, a simply pursing of his lips, jutting that chin out, just has me stroking way too quickly. Hey, I want to pace myself, but one thing I’ve learned.  With Jessie their is no pacing, he is that good at making me ache for a bit of quick relief.  Course I want to go at it right afterwards, hoping I can slow it down a bit.



Max rims Jessie, and I wind up busting a nut

Such a Tasty Pair of Ass Cheeks
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Click to see Jessie’s Live Lap Dance Replay



See the Whole Lap Dance at Helix


I do enjoy a good rim job, and well fuck, Max knows how to keep me happy, and he certainly does seem to enjoy working on Jessie’s cute ass. Hey, I would love to be Max, to have Jessie bent over like that, so I could give him the best damn tongue fuck he’d have ever experienced in his young life.  After all, I do have loads of experience in that department, and have developed quite a good technique. Besides none of my “special friends” ever complained, quite the opposite actually.

Plus, those are things unplanned, one more reason why I really gotta get the guys to change our Monday night card game to another day. I gotta be home, to watch my favorite Helix boys live.  Okay, I still get to see them, but it really isn’t the same. Can’t explain it, but when you are seeing it happen, see the other audience members typing furiously to get the guys to do something different, or show a particual body part, and they do, well come on, you know the cum rag is gonna be awfully full.



Max gives Jessie his reward for a lap dance, hot creamy cum

I do enjoy a creamy finish
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Click to see Jessie’s Live Lap Dance Replay



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