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Can I Play with His Rubber Ducky

three twinks take a bath together

Is there room for one more?
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I am a shower type of guy, but damn it, if Jessie Montgomery, or any of the other Helix Boys wanna share a bath with me, well fuck, to hell with taking a shower.


Three twinks get ready for bed, by making out together, first

That’s one way to get ready for bed
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You know, if it has Jessie in the scene, I am gonna be reaching for my Cum rag in short order. Hey, the sexy little charmer does something to me, that I can’t really explain, other than I sure have some wicked wild fantasies about him.  And to be honest, his fuck buddies somehow always make their way into my little sex fantasies.

Accidents happen the most in the bathroom, and damn it, I can see why. Through in a trio of horny guys like Jessie, Casey, and Gabriel, well for certain some type of accident is bound to happen.  Me, I’d most likely trip over my big feet, trying to just decide where to squeeze my body in between.


Three stud muffins get ready for bed after a sexy bath together

I would need a quick shower after getting ready for bed with those three
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The thing about threesomes, is usually I get left out, but that isn’t the case with these guys. I mean Gabriel West is certainly a good director of the fun times, both in and out of the bathtub. Hey, the guy is tall, and rather pleasing to the eye, but I’d wouldn’t have guessed him for having a rubber ducky to splash around with.

Nor do I see him as a guy who would really be alone much, given how hot he looks with that nice long lean body. Hey, I’d enjoy having those legs wrapping around me, wouldn’t you?

Right off the bat, I gotta say that watching Casey and Jessie strip off and get right into some submarine warfare, with Gabriel’s long torpedo like cock, is exactly what I’d expect from those two horn dogs.  Come on, we all know Jessie loves cock, and well, seems Gabriel enjoys sharing his.

On the other hand, Casey is certainly looking good, all nice and sleek with the water around him. The way it just sort of glistens on his creamy smooth body, does sort of make me wish I was the lucky bastard filming it all.

I really do enjoy watching Jessie work his magic, and become the center of attention. Hey, he is cute, blond, and sexy as fuck. He should be the center of attention. Besides, that little vixen has an insatiable craving for cock up his little boy hole, and down his throat.  Something I’d gladly try to satisfy.

Of course I would share that pleasure with Casey and Gabriel, but only after I had first dibs at enjoying that lovely tush of Jessie’s. It is so tasty, it deserves a great deal of attention, including a good hard thumbing.



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