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An Incantation or Two

I was watching some reruns of Bewitched, on Netflixx, last night and it got me thinking.

What if I had magical powers like Samantha, or her Father Maurice?

I’d never worry about having a date, or a partner, for whenever I got horny.


Seriously, think about all the fun you could have, at the mere twitch of your nose, or saying some weird mumbo jumbo of words.

Like you are at a Ballet, watching a hot young Jett Black performing, you mumble some spell, under your breathe, and when you get home you find him on your bed, all stretched out, waiting for you.

sexy blond twink

Ballet and Porn Model Jett Black
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Perhaps you are already at home, feeling like you could enjoy a nice hot Pizza, and you know just the place, that not only delivers late at night, but has one of the hottest delivery boys around town.  A quick little spell, and their is a knock at the front door, and there he is.  Your sexy little Delivery Boy, who not only has a free pizza for you, but a special treat…  HIM!

hot barely legal twink Kyler

Kyler Madison Delivers
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Think about taking a walk in the woods, just you and Mother Nature, and well, you get to feeling like you really could enjoy a nice blow job, or getting a damn good fuck.

All you would have to do, is twitch your nose, and as you turn the corner, coming into some clearing, there is this gorgeous sexual young man, naked as a Jaybird, and he’s staring right at your crotch, licking his lips.

Sexy young twink Justin Lebeau

Justin Lebeau waiting in the clearing for a hot time
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Like how cool would that be? Coming into a clearing, feeling horny and there is Justin Lebeau, not only naked and available, but desiring you.

Maybe you are off visiting some friends, like Adam Harris and Joey LaFontaine, and you feel like you’d enjoy a good sex show.

Just a quick little spell, and suddenly the two of them are stripping and making out right before your eyes. oblivious to your presence, as you devour every bit of their frentic love making.

hot guys making out

Joey and Adam from Videoboys
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How about a hot rimming from Kyle Ross? | Click the + Sign for More

How about a hot rimming from Kyle Ross? | Click the + Sign for More

Ezra Taylor gets rimmed by Kyle Ross

Super Twink Kyle Ross Rimming
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Imagine that, all you have to do is cast one little spell, and Super Twink Kyle Ross has his face buried between your upraised butt, his tongue licking at your quivering hole.

How about becoming the Talent Scout for Bel Ami? | Click the + Sign to See Your Discoveries

How about becoming the Talent Scout for Bel Ami? | Click the + Sign to See Your Discoveries

Think about how you are the lucky Talent Scout, that got to discover sexy Bel Ami boy Kevin Warhol?  And from personal experience of just how kinky, this little Kinky Angel is, all because you muttered some incantation.


Or perhaps you are the genious that found this smiling and damn fucking gorgeous Cameron Buirski, who just got your heart fluttering.  And with a simple twitch of the nose, wave of the hand, he was suddenly willing to do a porn shoot, but only if you got to be there.


Maybe you just want to have some sweet blond, worship you?  Like oh, how about Jessie Montgomery?

Just a simple incantation, and presto, you are stretched out on your bed, and Jessie is there, kissing your heaving belly with those lovely lips of his.

His hands are tugging at your belt and zipper, eager to get you naked, so he can worship more than just your quivering stomach.

Evan Parker gets the Jessie Montgomery treatment

Jessie Montgomery worshiping you
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Man, I shouldn’t watch reruns.

A guy could wind up doing himself an injury dreaming about all the possibilities of being a Warlock / Wizard.

But damn, wouldn’t it be fun?


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About Daddy Sweet Tooth

I am a retired 'white collar' gentlemen who managed to put aside enough money, that I can now indulge my true pleasure in life... eighteen and older young men. I am not a sex nut, just someone who believes sex does not end at 65. I may not always get what I desire, but then, I have a very good imagination, that helps me enjoy what I cannot physically have.

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