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He Makes Me Cum

sexy young twink, Justin Lebeau

Justin just suits being in the outdoors
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Hey, I told you there was an outdoor scene in my Justin Lebeau obsession post, and that I’d bring it to you. What can I say, I do like jerking off to this rather sexy young man. Plus, I just noticed, he’s got a tattoo on the back of his neck. Shows you how observant I am when I get excited. LOL


Naked twink on a big rock outcropping

Such a fine male body, don’t you think?
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Some people like lots of chest hair. Now me, I like a bit of hair, but not much, and I really am not a fan of hair on the face, or chin. Yet, Justin has a bit of hair on his chin, which really doesn’t bug me, as it does on other guys.

Thing is, he is just too attractive for that kind of stuff to detract me from my mission.  To get off dreaming about him.

Plus the hair on his chest, well it is kind of sexy looking. I mean there isn’t a lot, and at times you can’t really tell, because he seems quite light colored. Same goes for that little tuft under the chin.  Though in all honesty, I did like his facial look better without it, but hey, perfection is never an easy thing to keep.

Besides, I can alwasy enjoy a nice shaving fantasy, where I get to lather him up, and get rid of that little bit of hair under the chin.



They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in Justin’s case, I could write a whole damn book about all the things that just get me weak in the knees.  Honestly, I truly find him so attractive, that everytime I get a promo of him, it takes me ages to fire up the old blog.

What can I say, my hand and fingers are sore from all that pre stroking fun, before I even think about sharing it with all of you. But hey, eventually I do.  Usually after I have applied some soothing cream to my Pecker, to help cool off the fucking friction burn.

Tell me you would think twice about enjoying that lovely uncut Penis of Justin?  Hell, if I stumbled onto him in the woods, with that hanging out, I’d be on my knees in a heartbeat, mouth open and leaning forward to gobble it up. I’d also be hoping for more than just a taste, wouldn’t you?

Justin's fat uncut cock

What my dreams are made up of
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Sensual Justin naked in the woods

His Looks could start a forest fire in a flash
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You know how sometimes you rent a whole season of your favorite television show, to have a marathon of enjoying it? I’d like to do that with all of Justin’s videos, but I think I’d hurt my Pecker too much.
Justin Lebeau is inviting someone to enjoy his fat cock

He looks so inviting, staring out.
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These two photographs have my mind whirling, my hand stroking, because it is like he is sending me a message. To get out into the woods nearby, to track him down, because he’s got an ache that he wants me to satisfy.

I know its not real, and yet it sure does feel that way. That is why I love seeing pictures of Justin, his looks may be posed, but damn, they sure come across as being real, and that does get my mind dreaming.

Besides, look how much he wants you to enjoy that nice fat uncut cock of his. I mean he sure looks like he is proud of it, and can you blame him? It also looks like he wants to share it, but time is running out, because well, he does have that itch, and needs it satisfied soon.

i'd admire my cock if it looked that good

I’d be proud of that too
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