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Twinks in Tights

Ever since that big klafluffle over Jett Black and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, seems sites all have some sexy young guys dressing up in tights, doing a dance number. Kind of fun seeing them in nice skin hugging tights.
Barely legal twinks Tristan and Kyle Dance Up a Storm

Barely legal twinks Tristan and Kyle Dance Up a Storm
Photograph Links to More from Staxus – SportLadz


Grab a Preview of the Staxus Stud Muffins Here


Barely legal blond guys do something to me.  And this little Norwegian hottie grabbed my attention, soon as I saw his promo picture. I mean he is cute, blond, trim and well, what can I say, but Daddy loves his blond boys.  Tristan Cane is also hung pretty damn good.  I mean come on, eight inches is not small, nor is it too big either, for us more on the edge Size Queens.

Though in this little dance number, I think sexy Brit boy Kyle Wilkinson kind of steals the show. I mean he’s the bottom but he’s got a sort of sweet face, with a lithe looking body that just looks fucking hot in those sexy reddish tights he’s wearing. Plus, well he’s got a nice looking ass, and well, perfect for a good hard butt pounding from a thick hard eight inch dick.  A perfect dance partnership, Kyle and Tristan.


hot twinks make out before dancing

Nothing like some sex to get a guy ready to dance
Above Image Links to More from Staxus – SportLadz


I kind of like the way this scene is presented. Hey, the idea of the mirror and being able to see all angles of the fun, well fuck, that works for me.

Though it is a good thing I haven’t been hitting the sauce. It might confuse an old crock like me. LOL


Catch More Barely Legal Twinks Exercising Their Bodies at Staxus

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  1. wow this is amazing not just the hotness but the connection between them

    im a skizo tho who noone likes pisty i cant find a twnk

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