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He’d Fit the Role of Able Seaman

hot yound twink Tim Law

Sexy young Tim Law
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Thing is, I was reading (yes I do read books that don’t have pictures) this fiction novel, BattleCruiser by Douglas Reeman, and it got me thinking. Especially as there was this scene about a young able seaman, who was obviously gay.  The story line was that this other ‘officer’ noticed it, and took advantage of it, or at least tried to, but in the description of the seaman, I started thinking about some of the hot young twinks I’ve seen.

Now Tim Law came to mind, and well hell, the idea of me being an Officer was attractive.  Then add in that there was this cute able Seaman that might be available for some clandestine fun, well hell you just know it got my imagination kicking into high gear.

What can I say, even when I am reading a book, possibilities pop up that get thinking, and yes, reaching for my lube and cum rag. After all, just staring at naked pictures isnt the only way to get stimulated. Sometimes I can just enjoy a good movie or book, that will get me horny, thinking about who I would cast in certain roles.

Like in this case, Tim Law just has that look, that would make me think he could fit the role of the young fresh faced able Seaman, that is unsure of his sexuality, feeling lost in a sea of masculinity.  The dream is helped, by the fact that I’ve seen Tim Law doing exactly what I’d imagine would happen, if he was serving under me. LOL



Tim Walker with Tim Law

The two Tims make a cute couple
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I love Tim Walker, and those different gazes he gives the Camera, each one an arrow into my aged heart.


sexy blond sucks on a big cock

Tim knows how to suck a cock, doesn’t he?
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There is something about Tim Walker, that makes me weak in the knees.  Nor did I even realize how hairy his legs are, or those of Tim Law’s, for that matter.  Hey, I been busy stroking to that handsome blond face of Tim Walker’s, what can I say.

One thing about these two cock sucking hotties, is that from the pictures, it does look like they are enjoying it. Hey, the eyes are partially closed, the brows furrowed a bit.  May be an act, but it has me pouring more lube on my dick.

Seeing those two in a sixty niner, well, I gotta be careful I don’t pop my load too soon. After all, there are still the photos of them fucking, and I do love watching Tim Walker drive his thick cock deep into a willing boy hole.  Think Tim Law likes it too.


sexy young twinks rim and fuck

I’d love to be rimming TIm Walker
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