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Fuck He Is Home Go Hide Quick

About The Author

This is a complete work of fiction, inspired by the two scenes from Helix Studios, featuring Connor Maguire, Blade Woods, and my favorite, Jessie Montgomery. In no way does this story imply anything real, or depict how the young men really are. This is Fiction, pure and simple, from my own warped imagination..
The three main characters of this erotic story

My cast of Culprits, Blade, Connor, & Jessie
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The pictures used, are for illustration purposes only.

In order to not make this an endless scrolling festival, I have broken this up into four parts.

Each part is shown on the tabs below. Simply click a tab, to read the next part. Each part contains images for your viewing entertainment.



  • Part One – Caught
  • Part Two – Blade Pays for His Cheating
  • Part Three – Jessie Is Made to Pay
  • Conclussion
Looking over at Jessie, as he did up his pants, Blade felt a small tinge of remorse. He never intended to cheat on his boyfriend, Connor, but then he had never met someone like Jessie in his entire nineteen years of life. Oh he had met some pretty good looking guys, even had a brief fling with a few, okay more than a few, but once he had hooked up with the older and more masculine Connor, well he had been faithful.

It wasn’t like he had never been tempted during their almost one year of being together, but until Jessie showed up, he had never even dreamed of taking the plunge off the straight and narrow. Now he had thrown all that aside, for a few hours of being with this sexy blond bombshell, that had captured his soul.

Sexy blond twink

Jessie on the sofa
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Blade shook his head, still thunderstruck by what he had done. It wasn’t that Connor was bad in bed, or even treated him badly. Hell, just look around at the fabulous place he was living in, and truthfully, he didn’t want for much. Well, except for one small thing, that Connor didn’t often provide. That was a chance to be on top.

Connor liked to be the guy fucking. Blade didn’t mind, but Connor was also insatiable. And his eight ‘n half inch cock was a hard thing to ignore. It wasn’t that Connor lacked style, or techinque either. It just that, well at times his ass hurt from taking that big dick, and Connor did like sex, frequently. Hell you’d think he was the nineteen year old, and Blade the twenty two year old.

With Jessie, well, he got to be the Top, and just as Connor loved to Top, Jessie loved to bottom. It was unnerving, how he could get so excited by Blade’s hard cock, how the veins would stick out and suddenly get Jessie bending over, to lick his shaft, his fingers lightly moving over the veins, feeling them tremble to his touch.

His body shook, as he thought about what they had done, how Jessie had danced for him, swaying his hips in such a way, that Blade thought he’d cum in his pants, long before he could even get them unzipped. But Jessie knew how to keep him on the edge, how he would reach down, to lightly run his long fingers down Blade’s cheeks, or reach out and suddenly grasp at his bulge, squeeze it hard, then smile and give him a hard deep kiss.

It had been like that for hours, and he still couldn’t believe all they had done. His mouth was dry, his tongue feeling cracked as it licked at his tremlbing lower lip. All he knew was that it had been a whole new world for him, taking charge of that blond fireball, and those hungry butt cheeks, that always seemed to want more of his cock.

For a split second, he felt his heart skip a beat, the desire for Jessie threatening to explode once again, when he heard the rattle of keys, the sound of someone at the front door. He stared at Jessie for a split second, panic gripping him as he realized that it was Connor coming home.

Christ it was later than he had thought, and Jessie was looking at him, his eyes wide open in terror. They mirrored his own, as he felt the ache in his chest, as panic threatened to take hold. In a hoarse whisper, he swore, looking around like a caught animal in a trap.

“Quick, get into the closet, hide, it’s Connor, he’ll skin us both if he catches you here”

Jessie was like a statue, unable to move but finally the fear in Blade’s voice made him jump up and he ran quickly out of the main room, just as the door began to turn, and open. Blade turned on the leather sofa, to see Connor’s tall frame fill the doorway, his red hair glistening in the light of the room.

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sexy young twinks from Helix

Some Helix Boys to Gawk At
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Watch Blade Being Caught

Connor entered the room, and just stood there, staring at Blade.  His eyes were sparkling, and to be honest, Blade felt rather amazed at his stature, at how powerful he looked, despite the small tremble in his body. He knew that he was on thin ice, and licked his lips, as Connor took two powerful strides, to stand before Blade.

He tries to play for time, with his boyfriend

Blade looks up into Connors firm face
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There was no mistaking that look in his boyfriend’s face. Blade swallowed hard, and let his right hand reach out, to grasp at Connor’s beefy thigh, even as Connor’s big hand reached out and grabbed Blade by the neck. The force of his fingers digging into the soft flesh of Blade’s neck.

“I am not a dumb Jock”

“Course not Connor, I know that, I never thought…”

‘Shut Up Bitch”

‘But Connor…”

‘He’s still here, isn’t he?”

Connor’s fingers gripped his neck tighter, and he winced with the pain, as he just nodded, his eyes bulging as he continued to stare up into Connor’s angry face. His face was flushed, turning a deep hue of red, almost as brilliant as his hair was.  Blade couldn’t help but feel excited, despite the danger.

Somehow he just knew that Connor wouldn’t hurt him, least not too much, but he could see the rage in his eyes. A small tear was trickling down from his eye, but he dared not move to wipe it away.  His heart was pounding as Connor just glared at him, for what seemed an eternity.

“You are just a cock hungry whore” Connor softly said, as he undid his belt buckle, and unzipped his pants.

‘No Connor, really I…”

‘Don’t lie to me Bitch, you like Cock so much, you can swallow this now”

Connor dropped his pants, and Blade saw that eight ‘n half inch cock sticking out at him. Connor moved in closer, his hand firmly gribbing Blade’s head. He barely had time to swallow his saliva, before he felt the hard cock head pushing against his closed lips. The force of it, pushing his lips apart, and his jaw opened wide.

Twink gets his mouth stuffed by a big cock

Connor forces Blade to swallow his hard cock
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Connor held his head firm, not letting it move backwards one inch, as he shot his hips forward, driving his hard thick cock into his boyfriend’s open mouth. He felt the cock head strike against the back of his throat, gagging as Connor was relentless in stuffing every inch of that monster dick into his mouth.

His body was shaking, at the force of the thrusts, as slowly he tried to relax his throat muscles, so he could take it. Even before, he had troubles swallowing all of Connor’s cock, but then Connor never rushed it, always taking his time. Not now, it was like he was a totally different person, grunting as he thrust his hips forward, driving more of his cock into Blade’s mouth.

It was unbelievable, how Connor’s cock seemed to grow even bigger in his mouth, as it was shoved in and out, like a damn racing engine piston. He gagged several times, but he was becoming totally turned on by the rough play of his boyfriend.  For a second, he felt a slight panic, wondering if Connor would still want him, but the taste of the hard cock was overpowering his mind.

Blade didn’t even notice his clothes being ripped off him, or his own hands tugging at Connor’s clothes, until he finally was let up for air. He gasped, the taste of Connor’s manhood strong in his mouth, the scent of him filled his nostrils, as he stared up at Connor, who had a strange glint to his eyes, an almost wicked grin across his handsome face.

With ease, Connor lifted Blade up, then turned him around and pushed his upper down, onto the black leather sofa. Blade saw how stiff Connor’s cock was, and his whole insides trembled, with both fear and excitement, as he realized he was about to be fucked, in a way he had never had before.

Twink bent over, to take a big hard cock in his boy hole

Flipped and ready for Penetration
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Blade didn’t have much time, to get ready, as Connor grabbed his head, and leaned in with his big thick cock wedged tightly up into the valley between Blade’s trembling butt cheeks. He felt the hard head pressing up against his pucker hole, then he cried out, as Connor gave one single thrust of his hips, driving the huge dick deep into Blade’s hole.

His body screamed, his voice cried out, as the pain lashed up and through every fibre of his body. His arms were shaking, his legs felt like butter, as the big cock pushed in, relentless in its drive towards his Sweet Spot.  Every muscle inside was shuddering as the hard pole made its way effortlessly past them, until it hit his Sweet Spot.

Before he could even take a breathe, the cock was suddenly pulling back, but it was only a temporary reprieve, as Connor once more shoved his hips forward, sending his missile further in.   Again and again Connor would pull out, then drive his thick throbbing cock deep into Blade’s shuddering body. Each inward thrust, carried all of Connor’s muscled body behind it, making it rocket deep inside, until tears were rolling down Blades face.

Never had he been fucked so hard, but even with all the waves of pain rolling through his body, he found himself moving in time, arching backwards to accept each single powerful thrust inwards. His body would tremble, as the huge cock pulled back, then as he felt it ready to drive in, Blade felt his body arch backwards, eager to take the next onslaught.

His voice echoed in the room, as Connor continued to pound his ass, from different angles, moving his slender body into different positions, so he could truly pound away at the firm ass. Sweat dropped from Connor’s brow onto the moist butt cheeks, as he drove his 8½ inch dick in.  All Blade could do, was groan, moan, and cry out, as the hard cock pummelled his ass, filling him with its thickness, its hot burning flesh.

Muscle stud hammers his cock into his twink's ass

Now that is Ramming a big one in
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Watch Jessie Caught by Connor

Read my Obsession over Jessie

At first he didn’t hear much, then it was like a thunderclap had erupted in the closet, that he was hiding in.  Connor’s voice boomed out, and he felt for Blade.  He was sweating, as he heard the raised voices, and then the cries. His thin body ached from being in the closet, but he didn’t dare move. Even his breathing was sounding too loud to his ears, as he heard Blade crying out.

His imagination was running wild. Jessie thought that Connor might go over the edge, that maybe his life was in danger, and he felt his heart tremble with fear. His body broke out in a cold sweat, and he heard Blade’s cry, and jerked his head up. Maybe he should go and try to help, but then what if it wasn’t a cry of pain. What if it was just a cry of being caught, of remorse? Rushing out to aid Blade might make it worse.

Christ, he didn’t know what to do, as he kneeled in the closed closet, sweating and imagining all sorts of things. He had known Connor and knew he had a fiery temper. It matched that red hair of his, but more than that, Connor was the type who could back up his anger. The guy was huge, and from what Blade had told him, he had a huge cock to go with his big frame.

Another cry, and Jessie felt his own nerves tingling, wondering if Connor was hurting Blade. He liked Blade, but damn, he should have found another place for them to hook up. This was too risky, obviously. He  wanted to rub his hands on his pants, but he dared not move, not make a sound. Last thing he needed was to suddenly be confronted by Connor, in all his rage.

The sounds were more muffled now, but he couldn’t tell if it was sobbing, or something else. His body ached, as he knelt there, feeling his own body tighten up. His legs were starting to cramp, but no fucking way was he about to move. His breathing was short, and his lungs ached from the constant fear and short breathes.

Things seemed quiet, and he wondered how he would ever get out of this place, without being caught. It seemed the worse was over, but he had no idea what had happened, or how he was going to get out of this jam. Jessie smiled a thin ruefull grin, realizing he had been in some tight spots, but nothing like this.  This one, was for the books, but as he felt the feeling in his legs vanishing, he thought that if he could just stay quiet, stay calm, that eventually he could sneak out, and make good his escape.

It was just a matter of time, and he felt his heart slowly return to normal. The pounding in his chest eased a bit, as he contemplated how much time it would take, before he should venture out, to sneak away out of this closet, and out the front door to freedom.  His tense muscles slowly began to relax, as his mind tried to come up with a time frame, when the door in front of him, was suddenly wrenched open.

Jessie’s eyes bulged out at the huge image of a tall beefy man stood in the light of the room. As his eyes stared up, all he could see was this huge monster cock, standing almost straight up, and he felt the panic rising in his throat. His whole body shook, as he focused and saw the tall angry man loooking down at him.

Big hard monster cock

Jessie’s hideout is discovered


“Get out here bitch” the voice commanded, and Jessie swallowed hard, as he slowly crawled out from the closet, on his knees, staring up at Connor’s massive body.

“Suck It”

Jessie felt his throat tighten, but he forced his mouth open, his hand on Connor’s warm hot thigh, as he took the cock into his mouth, forcing his throat to obey him, to relax, as he felt the burning flesh pass his lips.  His body trembled a bit, as he moved his head forward, sucking on the huge cock.  He gagged for a minute, which made Connor reach out, grab his hair, and force his head even closer, into his crotch.

Jessie could smell the man’s anger, smell his scent as he found the cock driving deep down into his throat. He was helpless as Connor thrust his hips forward, then out, then forward again. Each thrust made Jessie’s body lurch, his jaw was aching, from the huge pole wedged between it.

Forcing his cock deep into his partner's mouth

Connor makes Jessie take every inch of his cock


Time seemed to stand still, as Connor fucked his mouth. He could taste the salt on the huge pole, wondering if it was cum, unsure what Connor had in mind, when suddenly the cock was pulled from his mouth, and a pair of meaty hands lifted him up in the air, and twirled him around, like he was nothing more than a bag of potatoes.

Connor slammed him into the wall, and with one hand forcing his head against it, he ripped the pants and underwear off of Jessie. It was insane, but in some ways, Jessie was feeling quite turned on, as his legs were parted by the naked leg of Connor, who was saying nothing, just breathing hard.

The fingers were clenched tight on his hair, the palm of the hand pushing it hard into the unyielding wall, when Jessie felt the hot cock head brush against his shaking butt cheeks. He knew what Blade had been crying about, what the moans were, as Connor let the big cock rest on one cheek, before reaching down and placing it roughly between the two cheeks.

He felt his body tighten, as Connor wedged the hard cock into the valley, and slowly guide it down, until the massive cock head was firmly up against his quivering pucker hole. He swallowed hard, feeling his heart thunder, feeling his muscles grow taut with fear, as Connor’s hot breath blew against his ear.

There was no warning, as Connor just simply arched forward, with his hips. The searing pain made Jessie swoon, but he was held upright, by Connor’s big hand. His body cried out, as the cock penetrated his tight hole, and from his mouth he could hear his own cries, as the big cock didn’t wait for the pain to end, but travelled deep inside, ripping past Jessie’s inner muscles.

Twink gets his tight hole drilled

Jessie gets his ass plugged


Jessie felt his body surrendering to the vicious assault. His legs were like rubber, barely holding him up, as the big cock entered and banged him hard. With each thrust, he could hear Connor grunt, feel the hot air expelled from his lungs, against the side of his face, as he pounded Jessie’s ass, again and again.  He thrust, deeper than the previous one.  Sweat was pouring from his body, as Connor ravaged his ass, not even stopping once.

The pain was intense, but so was the pleasure,  as Jessie’s body arched back, meeting every single thrust, with a sort of unbridled desire. He wanted the pain to stop, but then he didn’t, as his body absorbed each thundering thrust. He was lost in a rolling wave of pain and pleasure, until finally, Connor had him pinned down on the floor, his legs up in the air, and the big man was leaning down, driving his cock in like a fucking jack hammer.

The roaring waves of pleasure were too much, as his whole body shuddered, his balls aching for release.

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I have to say, my Helix Boys do tend to get me over active.

I mean I have given myself more friction burns, because of them. Though also, because damn it, they do get me thinking about all sorts of naughty possibilities.

Wonder if they’ll help cover my added expense for laundry soap?

beneifts of membership


Check Out Helix Studios

Connor could feel Jessie’s body begining to tremble, he knew that it was close, and with a great effort, he suddenly pulled his own aching cock, out of the young blond’s ass. His lungs ached, as he stood up, letting Jessie’s legs fall to the floor.

The room was quiet, only the heavy breathing of the two could be heard.  Connor was standing there, fully erect, his cock still rock hard, while Jessie lay on the floor, nearly spent, frustrated too, as his balls ached, wanting to still unload their precious fluid, but he was too exhausted, to even raise his hand, to finish the job.

His muscles ached, as he lay there, panting, desperate to catch his breath, wishing that Connor would finish him off, let him release that ache that made his whole body hurt.

Jessie Montgomery

Jessie needs to blow his load
Image Above links to My Page about Jessie Montgomery


After what seemed like an eternity, Connor moved from above Jessie, casting a quick glance at the blond stretched out on the floor. His lips curled into a tight smile, as he left him there, going back to where he had left his boyfriend.  His eyes were narrowed, as he entered the main room, and stood there.

Blade was as he had left him, just like Jessie, sprawled across the floor, exhausted from the hard pounding his young body had absorbed. His cock was not fully hard, but as Blade became aware of Connor’s presence, it quickly stiffened, expecting more. Blades eyes looked up, at Connor’s face, his lips slightly parted.

Connor saw how his body had a slight quiver to it, as if waiting for more, or was it maybe, hoping for more?

“We aren’t done yet, now go get your friend, bring him here, while I decide if I will let either of you have some release, and tell your friend, he’s spending the night”

Blade looked at Connor, then slowly dragged himself upright, his body sore as he tried to hurry to get Jessie, to let him know, that the party was just beginning.  He smiled, despite the pain in his ass, wondering just what else Connor had in store, for them both.



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