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Homewrecker Made to Pay


Damn, the more I see of Connor Maguire, the less I want to even think of getting him angry. Hell the way he tosses Jessie around, or how tossed Blade around just shows you how powerful this guy can be.


This is the second scene of the Cheating Boyfriends from Helix. The first was with Blade Woods being caught, and now we get to see the supposed “home wrecker’ get his come uppence.

Now Jessie Montgomery may be lots of things, but personally, I think he is the reluctant homewrecker in this scene. I think it was Blade who instigated it all, and it just isn’t fair to blame poor sweet innocent Jessie for the cheating.

You know, I do love how Helix does things.  The more I watch, the more hooked I am on the guys, on the fantasies they help create with just a simple little premise.

Casting beefy Connot Maguire was pure genius, and you know, casting Blade and Jessie was just as brilliant.  Plus I love the whole ‘catching Jessie in the closet’ pictures.  Like can you imagine hiding in a closet, and the doors swing open to that big hard cock staring at your terrified face?


Surprised with a hard big dick in the closet

Damn He Got Caught
Photograph Links to the Scene of Connor catches cheating Jessie


About The Author

I can be quite physical, but damn if I could lift up a twink, like Connor does, and still ram the old Pecker into that lovely tasty ass, I’d be in hog heaven. Though if I had Jessie around, I’d try, but with my luck, I’d wind up with a hernia or slipped disc.


Watch the Video of Connor Catching Jessie



Connor pounds Jessie's tight ass

Those Looks make me tremble a bit
Above Image Links to the Scene of Jessie being caught by Connor

It isn’t just because he is blond, that attracts me to Jessie Montgomery, least for my fantasies.  What gets me the most, is how he is so expressionable.  Just look at his face, as he looks into Connor’s face.

You can see a bit of fear, but you can also see the desire, the feeling of pleasure that is running through his body, as Connor is driving his big cock into him.

More than that, you see Connor’s expression of desire, of pleasure.  It is their ability to look like it is all real, that the scene is just what it pretends to be, is.

That is why I wrote the story “Fuck He Is Home Go Hide Quick” and why I must of jerked off at least three or four time, in watching this fantasy play out before me.

Sure I know, porn is about the sex, but in real life, well there is more to good sex, than simply finding an attractive partner. It is about a connection, and when you see two (or three) guys making that connection, you can feel it deep in your bones.

I love Porn, because some of the guys know how to make a watching stranger feel like they are there, if they just close their eyes and imagine it.

Jessie Montgomery is one of those young Twinks, who does that every time you see him performing.


Watch The Full Scene of Jessie being Caught





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