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Bubble Butt Abuse

Tied up twink with his exposed bubble butt

Chase Young’s Bubble Butt
Photograph Links to the Scene of Evan abusing Chase’s bubble butt


I think the twink with the puppy dog eyes, Evan Parker, has a real naughty side to him.

Hell he’s got his own little dungeon and now he’s got Chase Young all tied up on a bed, and later on, in a sling. Plus you wouldn’t think of Chase Young as being a submissive, but he sure does enjoy getting his bubble butt paddled too.

Guess looks are indeed deceiving. LOL


Chase gets his ass stuffed and drilled

Evan works Chase’s ass with his toys and more
Above Image Links to the Scene of Evan abusing Chase’s bubble butt


Now I will admit, I do have a few ‘toys’ but damn, sweet looking Evan seems to have a whole collection of goodies to use, when he is in the mood, or has a willing submissive.   In this case, Chase Young, who I’d never have suspected as being anything but a dominant type.

Really, sweet and innocent looking Evan Parker has the beaded dildo, a few regular dildos, some pretty nifty looking ankle and wrist restraints too.  But he’s also got himself one of them portable sling contraptions.  Something this ancient pervert is not gonna get in, but sure wouldn’t mind having one in the Den for a few ‘special friends’ to use.

Then we have Chase Young.  Granted he has a nice looking ass, but he reminds me more of a Middle Linebacker, than a compliant twinky.  Honest, he just strikes me as a guy, who is a bit on the rough side, giving it, that is, not receiving it, and yet here he is, being Evan’s Bitch.

One more reason why I do rather like my Helix Boys.  They are always full of surprises, which actually works for me. I like a nice little surprise, and I love the fantasies, these little change ups give me.  Like that portable sling that Evan puts Chase into, while he fucks that bubble butt.


Chase gets put into a sling, for his ass drilling

Evan gets to fuck Chase’s bubble butt
Picture Above Links to the Scene of Evan abusing Chase’s bubble butt


Watch the Video of Evan Abusing Chase’s Ass




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