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Grade AAA Orgasm

Black and white erotic photo of Max Carter

Goosebumps and More
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Opening up this episode from Cockyboys, was a huge mistake. Now I have to put some ointment on the old Pecker. Honest, these images are so fucking sensual and hot, it got me stroking  like a crazy man of eighteen, again.



Fuck, Max Ryder is good-looking, but the way Max Carter is looking in these pictures, I am awe-struck.  (Kyle Ross is one lucky guy, to be Max Carter’s love interest.)  Just look at that sexy look Max (Carter) has, that firm jaw, that flat washboard stomach, and that lovely, very lovely, bulge. Talk about growing into his own.


sexy poses by Max Carter and Max Ryder

It Gets the Imagination in Overdrive
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Honestly, I think whoever photographed this flip-flop episode with Max Carter and Max Ryder needs to be given a raise.  Seriously, because these are the type of pictures that I absolutely go nuts over.  It is a shame so many sites don’t make the effort that CockyBoys does, in portraying their gorgeous models, like the two Maxes.

Damn, Max Carter is looking like one lean dude in this episode. Course, there is a lot more to him, but the one picture, of him resting on his hand, just got me shuddering.  Also got me pouring more damn lube all over myself.  That look, that lean face, the eyes, the tight jeans, were like utterly amazing, in a totally sensual way.

Max Carter looking pensive, and forlorn

Such an amazing gaze
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Two Maxes make fire with their eyes

Smoldering looks get me rock hard
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The looks are enough to send me over the edge.  Hey, just look at Max Carter, at his hand just grazing Max Ryder’s pubic hairs, barely touching that hot flesh.  Tell me that isn’t gonna get your motor into overdrive, thinking what it would be like, if that was your crotch he was caressing.

Sure it is a tease, but damn it, the first pictures alone, got me jacking, and sorry, but it got me off too.  Hey, the mind sees what it wants, and the whole look, the hard gazes, the rock hard bodies, was just too much.


Like, the picture of them standing against a dull cement wall. That one sure got me, wondering if it was on some street, and how I’d most likely cause an accident if I was driving by.

Hey, if I saw even a hint of them hitch hiking, I’d have pulled over from the other side of the road, to give those two a lift, anywhere they wanted to go


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Bad enough that the first set of photographs got me blowing a load, I had to keep on looking.  And well, then there are the sex pictures, and what can I say.  I was already exhausted, sweaty, but damn it, Max Carter is fucking hot in these photographs. I couldn’t stop myself.  Besides when you are my age, and the Old Pecker says it is ready for another go, you don’t question, you just pour more lube and bite the lower lip and go for it.

Plus, Max Ryder looks awfully good in this set. I love the rock hard body, a perfect match for Max Carter.  Hey, Max (Carter) looks after his body, and if anything, he is even more solid than when he was a regular over at Helix.

You have to admit, the way they act together, it is a perfect pairing. The way both of them look at each other, the way Max (Ryder) seems to stare at Max (Carter) is just so sensual, gives me a warm glow



I know, it is repetitive, but damn the way these two guys look at each other, how they mold their bodies to each other, really gives me goose bumps.

It totally makes me believe in it, and does make the mind imagine some damn hot possibilities.

Cockyboys has taken the time, to make this just right, least in the photographs.



When you get the mood right, well everything else just seems to flow.  The look that Max (Carter) exhibits, the way that Max (Ryder) stares at him, would make me think that it is a dream coming true for Max (Ryder). Either that, or he is really turned on by Max C., and can you blame him?  Cockyboy’s photographer sure got these right.

Really, having two guys named “Max” gets confusing. Guess I should refer to them by their last name, but damn, that seems rather cold and impersonal.
After the first round of pictures, this Old Fart couldn’t help but keep on going. I mean, okay so I managed to rub out one, and actually managed a second before needing a nice shower.  What can I say, all that lube, that sticky cum, a guy needs to clean up a bit.

Now you would think, that would be it, but fuck, those pictures of  Max (Carter) stretched out like that, that sorrowful look he had, only drew me back for more. Which is what makes for great Porn, I think.  Hell, it got me cracking open a fresh bottle of lube, because the sex, was filled with more hot bodies, hot looks, that I couldn’t resist dreaming about.


Sexy looks of Max Carter and Max Ryder

It got me hooked
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About The Author

I am a Twink Lover, but I also enjoy other types of guys, as well, and while CockyBoys isn’t what I’d call a Twink site, they do have some awfully hot guys, that do get me horny.

Guys like Max Carter, and others, but it is more than that. Cockyboys makes it all look real. So real, it doesn’t just get me off, it gives me great Orgasms.



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