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Helix began a couple of series, that I’ve put off watching. I hate waiting for the next episodes, so I thought I’d wait a bit. Anyhow, this is one that certainly is Different, it is called “The Storm” which is set in a future world, after some horrible holocaust. You know, a survival movie, like Mad Max was? This is the Preview to this series, released around the 1st of June this year.


preview of the sex series The Storm

And they can act too
Photo Above Links to the Scene of preview Helix’s The Storm sex series


Normally I tend to harp about how unimaginative Porn is, but you know, Helix is truly an exception to that.  They have developed a couple of Series, that they have taken their time in developing.  One is the Helix Academy series, the First Time series, and then there is the bareback series, The Storm.

Some people just want to bust a nut, so they rush around and find one or two scenes, jerk off, and move on.  Me, I am different, I love my Series, whether it is in reading a good book, or watching a television show.  Now, thanks to Helix, I can do that with my Porn too. Plus, I do rather like Survival Movies.

This is set in a future world, where just us Guys, have survived, and money is meaningless.  (Wouldn’t that be nice?) The currency is “sex” and hey, that really has me grinning.  I have waited to watch this series, because I hate waiting. Like, I didn’t just buy the first book of Games of Throne, but the first four, so I waited until I could watch more than just the first episode of The Storm


Austin Merrick in the Storm

Above Image Links to the Scene of Preview The Storm sex series

The reason many Studios don’t produce series, is they claim the Models simply aren’t capable enough to pull it off.

Now that might be sort of true, but just from watching the trailer, I have to disagree.  Least as it applies to the Helix guys, because damn it, they do sell it to me.

Perhaps it is also how Helix produces the film, but whatever the reason is, I can imagine myself being in that future, and in having my way with guys like Austin Merrick there.  (He’s in the first full length scene, by the way)


It isn’t just about dressing guys up to look like they are trying to survive. It is about lighting, about the set.

When you check out the trailer (yes, I am including that, look below) you can see that it just looks real.

The dingy basement, the make shift living accomodation in a storage container, all fits the plot. And those are the details that sell me on the whole fantasy.



Let the Storm Grab You – Watch Here



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