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Mating Rituals of Twinks

erotic gay fiction story

The Human Species is certainly an arrogant one, believing they are the only sentient beings in the Universe. It  is quite amusing to all of us, who know better.  One must start somewhere, I suppose.

There is no Human equivalent of my name, and if one was to compute my age, into Earth time, I would be considered an oddity, being so ancient.  Yet in my world, I am in the early stages of my growth, equivalent to a Human’s upper teen years.

My task here, is to observe the mating rituals of the Human Species, specifically the young Males. Due to our Species advanced abilities, I am able to blend into the surroundings, to remain unseen.  Due to our higher evolved mental abilities, we can fathom the most complex human mind, without them even knowing we are tapped into their emotions and thoughts.

This is my journal of my recent observations of several fledgling humans.



sexy young blond twink

blond twink Jessie Montgomery
Image Links to my Obsession about Jessie

My first subject, involved a rather handsome young Earthling, who goes by the name of Jessie Montgomery. And with some luck, I managed to observe him in his first day at some obsolete gathering, called an Academy.

Supposedly it is for some form of advanced learning, but from my initial observation, I find it is perhaps more about teaching the younger Humans about their reproductive abilities. It is strange, how so many young Humans are curious about their own sexual organs, and their purpose.

It seems they also are forced to learn such techniques from observing others, rather than having that knowledge implanted into their brain, upon birth.

Still it is quite interesting to watch them, as they try to decypher the whirling emotions that seem to consume the more junior of the species, like my first subject, blond Jessie.

He would be quite an attraction back home, given how he has such a lovely sex organ, that is both rather a nice length, as well as being rather full in body size. We do appreciate those things, from where I come from, though I must admit, our sex appendages are a bit more advanced, when it comes to size.

Though I must admit, the creamy substance that eventually oozes out, is something we are lacking. I do wish I could capture some of that creamy fluid to experiment with.


It would appear that Humans get their knowledge by observing others of their species, in such places like this Academy. My subject, seems rather taken by watching his roommates fondling and cuddling each other, during some form of formal learning. Though it seems unclear as to what they are being taught, it does seem like it is a means of setting their internal hormones into gear. Though my subject does seem a bit confused by it all, even later on, when he gets to witness a bit more the education process, in a more detailed session of instruction.


Learning the mating ritual first hand

Jessie gets introduced to new study habits
Photograph Links to the Scene of Jessie’s First Night at the Academy


I have picked the perfect subject, given how intense his emotions seem to be. I can feel the beat of his heart quicken, as he stares out at his two roommates, watching them begin some odd ritual of removing their outer skins.

The sound of his heart thundering, is only drowned out by the heavy breathing coming from the other two young specimens in the room, both of whom seem oblivious to my subjects watching eyes.

It is almost like I can feel the excitement growing in his human body, as he sees the two others standing, garbed in some strange multi colored apparell, covering their reproductive organs. I can feel the pain in Jessie’s chest as he lubricates his lips, waiting for more to happen, waiting for those strange outfits to finally be removed.

You would think he had never seen other male reproductive organs, before.  Though I suspect it is more of a memory lapse, short circuit due to the excitement of the moment.

His gaze is rather intense, and I can feel how his firm young body is stretched tightly, as he lays there watching. I must admit, it is difficult to focus, as there appears to be a great deal of energy in the room, not just from my subject, but from the two other humans, that are beginning their own mating ritual.

I wonder, if perhaps they are fully aware of my subject, and this is how they teach the novices, about the various methods of mating? It would certainly be more memorable, for the one learning, than a simple implant, prior to birth.

Yet from the energy they are emitting, I would hypothesize that they are also still learning the routine, and given the amount of electrical sparks flying between the two, that it is also something special for them, on a more individual level.

Humans are so confusing, because if you look at the two others, they are also rather cute, for humans. Yet, they aren’t the subject of my observations, but perhaps I will add them into my study, later on. For now, suffice it to say that they seem rather proficient in their use of their sexual organs.

The way they hold each other, their protruding apendage digging so nicely into the other, has to arouse their partner, and my subject, young Jessie.  His heart does tend to rise quite significantly when he sees those lovely apendages sticking out, or being so expertly manhandled.

Another point for the Human species, I suppose, though in all honesty, it does seem to get in the way of  achieving a climax in a timely manner.

Though it does surprise me, at how much time is expended on those preliminary activities. However, judging by the increased tempo in Jessie’s own electrical core, it does seem to have the desired effect.

I wonder how it must feel, to be slowly raised to higher level of arousal, than to simply be at that magical stage in the blink of an Atom?

Evan Parker and Luke Allen in Academy 1

Strange multi colored garb on twinks beginning their mating ritual
Above Image Links to the Scene of Evan Parker making out with Luke Allen in Helix Academy

A hot night blow job

Humans seem to spend a lot of time on the prelimenary process.
Photo Above Links to More from Helix Studios



I must confess, my subject does seem to get quite aroused, watching all the jostling for position, the way those sexual organs seem to just need constant touching, either through hand stimulation, or orally. My subject’s vital signs do seem to rise quite significantly when the mouth is engaged on the rather thick protruding sexual organ. I suppose that is to stimulate the taste buds, as well as other internal senses that mere touching doesn’t full fill.



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