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Twinks get Detention

Twinks misbehave and get caught

Talking in class will get you both detention
Photograph Links to the Scene of Helix Academy with Jessie and Anderson


One I really need to update my Jessie Montgomery page, he is just way too cute and I am absolutely loving him in the Helix Academy series.

Two, I need to add an Anderson Lovell page, because fuck, he is adorable, as well as damn sexy.


Twinks connect in detention

I can feel the desire & see it in their eyes
Above Image Links to the Scene of Helix Academy


Truly, for me it is about how well the scene is set up.  Without a decent setting, and some acting by the Models, the dreams just don’t pop up.

It makes it harder to keep interested, if the set layout falls flat, or if the Models look out of place.

Thankfully my Helix Boys can actually act, and Helix themselves, actually take the time to make the scene set look real.

Even right down to the ‘bit players’ like the Priest Teacher who introduces the new kid, Jessie, to the class, is a small detail, yet it does follow through on the whole plot, of Jessie being new to the Academy. It also helps keep things flowing, making the whole detention scene realistic.  And that helps me keep my old Pecker hard and throbbing, thinking of both Anderson and Jessie.

Then too, there is the way they show the connection, the desire, which you know will lead to some hot sex, but first, they wet the appetite with some hot kissing. Hey, don’t you kiss your partner, while reaching down for a quick tentative feel?


Jessie gets his ass rimmed

What a taste treat that is
Picture Above Links to the Scene of Helix Academy with Anderson & Jessie


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That look on Jessie’s face, is exactly how one should look, when they are getting a nice hot tongue fucking. Seriously, it is those kind of expressions, that set the Helix Boys apart from most other sites.

Helix Boys let their enjoyment show, and if not, well damn they are good actors, then.

Maybe you just want a quick wank, but for those of us who are Older (and yes, wiser) we like to enjoy our moments jerking off. Least I do, and when I can kick back to enjoy a scene with young men actually acting the story line out, well I gotta say, the fucking orgasm is a real treat.

Besides, us Old Geezers, we don’t get treats that easy.

Blond shows his pleasure

I’d be in heaven too, with Anderson playing with my Butt
Click Above Image for Larger View


Cock sucking in detention

Such tasty boys
Photograph Links to the Scene of Helix Academy with Jessie and Anderson


If I was sent to detention with either Anderson, or Jessie, there is no way I could hold back from making a play for them.

Seriously, if I was their age, I would be doing just what they are, trying to get naked while enjoying the sweet taste of a cock in my mouth


Twinks flip flop fuck in detention

Sharing the pleasure
Photo Above Links to the Scene of Helix Academy, Episode 3


To be honest, it took me awhile before I cracked open my wallet, to spring for a membership to Helix Studio. For starters I was always scared that what I’d find inside wasn’t as good as the stuff they sent out for promotions.

Damn was I ever wrong.

The other problem was, well the pictures they did send out, really do get me jacking off. Hell, Helix Photographs are the biggest cause of me visiting my Doctor, for ointment to soothe the burns on my Cock.  I do love my Helix Boys, but it is HOW they are shown, that really makes it all special for me.

Just look at that one single picture of Anderson yanking Jessie closer to him, with the tie.

Tell me that doesn’t get your hand moving a bit faster, or get your whole body quivering  just a bit. The looks those two are sharing, is just how I imagine it should be, would be, if I was one of them.

Course the looks they give each other, during the sex is also part of why I am still a member of Helix. To be able to watch a whole porn series like Helix Academy, one after another, is nearly too much for my old body.


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