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Jessies Academy Initiation

twinks get ready to initiate a newcomer

That gets me glued to the screen, boys in flashy robes
Photograph Links to the Scene of Helix Academy episode Crescent Club


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I swear that Helix Studios has a deal with the Ointment people, because everytime they come out with a porn series, I get over excited and jerk off way too much.

Hey the Pecker can get up, but it’s old and I do need to limit  its use for when I have special friends over.

Though with a series like Helix Academy, I might not need so many special visits.


Episode 4 » The Particpants » Click the + sign for more Details

Episode 4 » The Particpants » Click the + sign for more Details

Sexy young twinks who can act

Five gorgeous Twinks in this episode

Even when they are just jerking off, in a solo scene, these guys do tend to get me feeling quite horny. Throw them into a scene together, and well fuck, I am stroking my poor old Pecker like a crazy man.  Seriously, Anderson Lovell with that sweet and innocent face, Evan Parker with his puppy dog eyes, and my favorite sex muffin, Jessie Montgomery, and you expect me to hold back?

Now I like Luke Allen too, and yes Chase Young, but come on, I got five guys here, so I know who I want, in what order. Plus, well I am old, I can’t handle five of them at once.

Now this is Porn, right, but while you may expect that all they do is suck and fuck, it just isn’t true with my Helix Boys. They actually can ACT!

Hard to believe, but wait till you see the trailer, or watch the whole scene. You will be gobbsmacked by how well that blond Jessie Montgomery can play his role.


Watch Helix Academy #3 Here


Jessie Gets Captured » Click the + sign for the Details

Jessie Gets Captured » Click the + sign for the Details

The Opening was a total turn on. Seriously the blue and dark lighting, the shadows of guys on the wall, all got my old ticker kicked into high gear. Plus, just the way Jessie had his eyes suddenly pop open, showing the fear beginning, was totally awesome.

Hey, I got scared for him, thinking that something bad was about to befall this sexy young blond favorite of mine.

Twink wakes up to see five hot guys staring at him

Finding five guys in your bedroom
Above Image Links to the Scene of Helix Academy


Use Full Screen When You Watch This Episode


Twink faces his tormentors

Damn he does look scared
Picture Above Links to the Scene of Crescent Club from Helix Academy


It doesn’t really take much to set a scene, and get me dreaming about all the wonderful possibilities that could be, if I was one of those robed young men, or simply a fly on the wall.

The dark dungeon type atmosphere, the sound of creaking chains, all gives me goosebumps.

It all just feels like how a sex initiation at College would be.



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The Rituals of Initiation » Click the + sign for more details

The Rituals of Initiation » Click the + sign for more details

Twink gets his ritual drink

Nothing like a drink to relax with
Click Image for Larger View

What makes for a great video, is the attention to details. And yes, in some spots the scene falls short but not at the start, that is for sure. I mean the way they pour the drink down his throat, how the camera captures it all and how they hold his nose, to make sure he swallows this mysterious liquid, is perfect.

Hey it really got me believing in it, and yes, it’s rather erotic seeing guys in Robes, a goblet with something in it, being poured down the throat of a scared & naked young guy. Besides, I love the whole idea of Jessie being in a sling, awaiting his sexual initiation, that you just know is going to be ass stretching fun.

If you really want to sell me, well you gotta have some acting. I can’t get over just how good these guys are, in that area. I mean it is believable, from how Evan speaks, how Jessie stares at them. Course the lighting helps, the costumes add to the mood, but is the actual expressions on their faces, that really does make it all seem real.  I FUCKING LOVE IT!


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The Orgy and Climax » Click the + Sign for the Details

The Orgy and Climax » Click the + Sign for the Details

More than three guys, makes it a small orgy in my books.

I love how Helix has turned a rather ordinary sex shot, into something more entertaining. It isn’t just that there are four guys standing in line to nail Jessie’s lovely boyhole, but it how they also look on, enjoying his discomfort, and pleasure.

Take Anderson Lovell, who keeps licking his lips as he watches Jessie get boned.

It is almost like he can’t wait for his turn. That really does make it more enjoyable, knowing these guys are actually having pleasure, in what is really a job.

They are acting the part, of making Jessie one of their select members. You can feel the bond too, as they pat the guy as they move him away, and take his position in drilling Jessie.

Twink gets his ass drilled by four guys

Taking four cocks, in order
Photo Above Links to the Scene of Helix Academy, Episode 4

Twinks gets a cum facial from four guys

Sweet cum to seal his joining the club
Photograph Links to the Scene of Helix Academy episode Crescent Club

One of the things about an orgy, is some guys get left out, but not in this little number.

Three go off while Jessie is getting pounded by one other, but unlike other porn sites, they keep circulating the guys. So Jessie gets all four cocks up his tight hole, and you know, it works too.  It was fucking hot to watch Evan ramming one guy, then pulling out and taking over in pounding Jessie.

You never lose sight of Jessie, of hearing him take each hard thrust. He certainly was vocal about it, that actually worked, for me.

Or how Anderson, and Luke Allen, looked while being fucked, or sucking on a cock, then going over to give Jessie a hard banging.

But it was the finale that sealed the deal for me, when all four went and took turns blowing their creamy loads over Jessie’s face.  Followed by Jessie spewing his own load onto his still heaving belly.


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Helix Academy Series certainly proves, that you can indeed have a Story Line in Porn.

Truth is, not everything is perfect, but then like what is these days? What is perfect is that I am getting my monies worth, as a member of Helix Studios. Not just from this series, or The Storm, but from all the new one’s they got out.

For me, the opening sequences were the best, though so was the Cum shots at the end. Jessie Montgomery does indeed know how to show his emotions, on cue. I loved his eyes opening wide in sudden fright, loved how he clenched his eyes tight as he took Chase’s thick cock up his ass. It all worked beautifully.

Mind you, I would have liked it even more (if that is possible) if they had kept the whole ‘initiation concept‘ happening throughout, and perhaps even added some more dialogue during the opening stages.

It would have really sent this little scene thru the roof.


Review Overview

Model Allure - 87%
Erection Level - 92%
Orgasm Quotient - 79%
Story Plausibility - 81%
Fantasy Inspiration Level - 95%


Daddy's Opinion

Summary : The 4th episode was amazing, especially the opening. It really caught my attention, and to be honest, Jessie Montgomery knows how to act. He certainly convinced me he was surprised & afraid. Though the rest of the scene was a bit weak, it held together enough for me to enjoy my climax


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