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Tie Him Up and Beat His Ass

tied up and submitting

horny old farts clubThe following is pure fiction, inspired by Conner Bradley & Hunter Starr in their first bondage and bareback sex.

Nothing like on the job training, is there? LOL

You know I am almost certain that Goompa has some of those restraints. Ten to One that old fart is into Kink more than Peter is.  LOL

I don’t mind a bit of kink in my sex, but at my age, I am the one in charge, as I am not letting some twink tie me up and have his way with my old body. Besides, I suck at being submissive.

sexy young twinkWhat can I say, we were bored.

Hunter is so fucking hot, yet we both felt that were just not getting that high, we usually got. It wasn’t that his cock was any different, or that when I stuffed him with my hard dick, that he didn’t enjoy it, just that, well, we’d been there, done it.

stud masterWe needed to do something different, and hey, thanks to some cruising online, we both noticed how hot we got, watching some of those kink sites.  You know, where the guy gets tied up, has his ass becomes a brilliant shade of red blue purple.  Something about seeing those lovely orbs shake as they get struck, made us both get rather hot.

Neither of us really was into that sort of thing, but damn it, we couldn’t deny how fucking hot it got us both. I mean Hunter really got a hard boner, watching, and while we made out after checking those sites like we always did, we couldn’t help but agree after, that we both had thought of it, while doing it.

Which is why the next time we planned on getting together, I decided to surprise Hunter with some restraints and other toys, to see if maybe, well, if it would be even better actually doing it, than thinking of it.

waiting for some punishment

To be honest, it was like a Duck taking to water, the way Hunter just got right into it. I mean he started calling me SIR, then Master, and you know, it was a hell of a head rush.

To have such a hot guy, calling me SIR, saying YES SIR in a loud voice, just gave me goose bumps all over.

And when I took out the hard leather strap, and ran it along his lovely white ass, I could see the flesh shake, almost feel him quiver to the touch, wondering just how hard it would feel, when, or even if, I would use it to strike that creamy smooth butt.

letting him sweat it out

It was like we were both two different guys, as I started to get into the whole Master / Slave type of role-playing.

I had him get on his knees, at the foot of the bed, and drove my hard cock into his mouth, without giving him much of a chance to get ready. It was amazing at how he gagged for a second, then started sucking my cock, almost like it was his first time sucking a cock.

giving head

The whole thing just kind of took off. I mean it was a total turn on, for us both, as I grabbed his hair, forcing his head closer, making him suck every inch of my cock. He struggled, but couldn’t do anything about it.

My whole body felt like it was on fire, as I made him move around, get on the bed, and spread his legs, till the leg restraints stopped him, then I paddled his ass a few times, some hard whacks, that made him wince, made him cry out.

I told him to shut up, and got a YES SIR!

Grabbing one of my bigger dildos, I made him regret crying out, stuffing it into his tight hole. He moaned, his body shaking as I slowly pushed the dildo in.  His head turned to look at me, his eyes half-shut, as he felt the thick rubber toy spreading his insides.

stuffing Hunter's ass with a dildo

Hunter squirmed as I worked his ass over, stopping now and then to give him a quick hard slap with my leather strap, or using the funky cat of nine tails I had borrowed.

Man you should have seen his face when I ran that sucker along his thigh.

But it was flipping him over, forcing his legs up and holding onto the leather strap between his legs, that made him stare bug-eyed up at me. He knew that he was gonna get stuffed, and this time, there would be no stopping, till I was satisfied.

drilling his ass

His legs could only spread apart so far, as I drove my dick deep into his ass. The way his legs were up in the air, his hands tied up behind his upraised ass, made him take my throbbing cock as he was. No way for him to spread the legs wider, to open his hole any wider.

And I drove it in hard, hitting his sweet spot repeatedly, until I had him moaning, and begging.  I drove it in, harder, making him groan even more.

being tied up and fucking condomless

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