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Pair of Fuck Fiends

Horny twinks who like to fuck

Kris Wallace and Yuri Adamov are too sweet to be fiends
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The Porn industry is awfully confusing. One second you are told this is so and so’s first time fucking raw, and next you are told this one is suddenly an exclusive elsewhere. It is enough to make an old man dizzy, but I must say, Yuri Adamov (from Staxus) has some nice features.


Twinks go for ringing that sweet spot bell

Isn’t non stop fucking fun to watch?
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Bad enough that Kris Wallace is a hard driving Top, but pairing him up with Russian twink Yuri Adamov, with an insatiable appetite for cock, and this old man is gonna hurt himself.  Thankfully I am resilient, and have lots of the oily stuff on hand.  These two just can’t stop fucking, and Yuri sure does seem to like a big thick cock wedged up his tight boyhole.  It is like he never wants to let it out.


Watch Yuri Handle Every Inch of Kris’ Thick Cock


Russian rides a Polish cock

Nothing beats a good hard ride on a thick hunk of Polish Sausage
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I am a retired 'white collar' gentlemen who managed to put aside enough money, that I can now indulge my true pleasure in life... eighteen and older young men. I am not a sex nut, just someone who believes sex does not end at 65. I may not always get what I desire, but then, I have a very good imagination, that helps me enjoy what I cannot physically have.

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