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Got a question you want to ask? Shoot, just know that I am not Politically Correct, never have been, never will be. So you may not like my answers but hey, I may not like your question either. Point is, I will reply, and honestly.  If you CLICK the boxes PLUS SIGN + to the right of the question, you will find my answers to the questions posed in the title box.  Leave a comment, or ask your question at the end of this page, and a bona fide Old Geezer (me) will give you an answer.

Is this a commercial blog?

Is this a commercial blog?

Yes and No, because frankly there isn’t a lot of money in this, or so it seems.  Sure, I get commissions if someone joins a membership site, from here, but it isn’t like there a thousand people signing up.  It does cost money to pay for the domain name, and the hosting isn’t what I’d call cheap either.  Though, it is reasonable,  but it is still a monthly expense.

I do manage to at least make enough to pay those bills, and yeah, there can be a bit left over for some luxury items, like perhaps ordering in, instead of opening up a can of something or other.  Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am not poor, but I sure as fuck am not flush with money.

Besides, any extra cash I get, I like to put aside, for entertaining.  Yeah, that does mean having an extra special friend drop by, instead of just day dreaming over some of the pictures I find arousing.  Which is really why I am doing this whole “blogging” thing.

I would be a liar if I said I didn’t want to make money, but at the same time, I want to speak my mind, say what I think about some of the scenes that come through my Inbox.  And that is just what I do.

Are the images free to use for anyone?

Are the images free to use for anyone?

barely legal guy Jaye

Jaye Elektra from Staxus
Image Links to Jaye’s Bio on Staxus

Short answer is “NO”.  The images are provided by the Sponsor site, in this case Staxus. I get to use them, as long as I follow their terms and conditions.  I suppose one can use them, for their own private collection, but they cannot be used in other sites, without permission of the Copyright Holder, in this instance Staxus.

Think about it, it isn’t like some guy goes out with his fancy pocket held digital camera and takes pictures of guys with their clothes off, then posts it. These are professional photographers, using really expensive crap, and the guys, well they aren’t in it for a few 9×10 glossy photos. They get paid, so no, these aren’t free to use anywhere, by anyone.

Just how old are you?

Just how old are you?

Age is a State of Mind

Nosey aren’t you? Well okay I am only Thirty Nine years of age, as of 2013.  I have been Thirty Nine years old, now, for many a year, and if I live to see the next Century, I will still only be Thirty Nine. Just like Jack Benny was always Thirty Nine.  In other words, I ain’t telling you.

Besides, I am old enough to be a grand daddy, but age is a state of mind.  When I look at my favorite twinks, I think I am only in my mid twenties, sometimes even younger.

Why do you Rag on the Porn Models?

Why do you Rag on the Porn Models?

hot Bel Ami boy, Paul Mekas

A favorite, Paul Mekas
Image Links to Paul’s Bio on Bel Ami Online

Honestly, I don’t think I do rag on the Models, least not those that are doing their job, which is actually a hard job.

I grew up with a set of values, that if someone is paying you money to do a job, you give it 110% effort, even if you think you are getting paid far less than what you are worth.  It was your choice to accept that job, at that pay scale.  So if you don’t like what you are being paid, well you either quit, or you renegotiate the wage.

Porn is about perception, the Model is there to sell a fantasy to me, the surfer, viewer. You can’t do that if you are yawning, or looking like you are totally bored, or not into the guy you are partnered with. So if I see that, I say so, but to me, that is just being honest, not ragging on the guy.

Sometimes I do get pissed off, because at first glance, I am expecting to be entertained, not pissed off. I say so, and what it is that pisses me off.  At my age, a guy can’t afford to waste time, and yeah, it is an old person thing.


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    “old” to be the boy i still love being plowed by older cock. Being told what to do when to do it and if i do it wrong punishing me is a way of life sexually for me. I don’t even get off until told. I believe that my hole is meant for a daddies load. I had always dreamed my dad would let me play with his cock hell even licked it while he was passed out. Among many other things. So all I really want to say is thank you and if your big daddy dick ever needs a boy toy let me know i am a 6ft athletic jock vers bttm 8.5c. Would be awesome if i could send you some pix and maybe if you like mine i can see that big cock 🙂

    from dallas tx

    • Daddy Sweet Tooth

      You Texans, always on the prowl for something BIG. LOL Thanks for stopping by but Daddy hates sharing. What can I say, I am the bashful sort, until they get into the bedroom or the…

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