Best Of

The guys or scene that got me the most, during the last little while. A hot young guy, or a delicious photograph that captured the imagination, more than usual, more than the rest for that time.

three choice to jack off to

Which one shall I fantasize and drool over today?

Too many choices for an old Geezer, can lead to one doing themselves an injury to their tool of love. Hey, it still works, and who would want to have it out of commission? Staxus needs to keep that in mind when they send me such cuties to drool over. But I am greedy, so maybe I'll risk it, and bust a nut to all three of these hotties.

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sexy Bel Ami hunk Cameron

Now he is what Fantasies are made of

When you let your imagination free, the impossible becomes the possible. Like an old geezer like me, dreaming about scoring a night with Cameron in a luxurious hotel suite. Close your eyes, and who knows, you might get to score too.

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four favorites from August

Summer Flashback

Summer is such a fun time. Twinks parade around in skimply shorts, bare chested. I don't mind the cold, but damn the eye candy of Summer is just too much to leave behind at times. And these guys, from August, still set me a smouldering, get me rather sweaty, in a good way. Who can resist a second helping of Twink meat?

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Sex and More Lovely Sex

Looking back at July, it sure was a good month for hot sexy fantasies, thanks to some of the Adult Sites. Not all were good, but damn there sure did seem to be more good than bad, last month, and hey, so far August has been rather fun too. All this old Geezer knows, is his Pecker sure got a workout thanks to some of those hot barely legal twinks showcased in July. Hopefully you agree.

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Daddy’s June Orgasm Favorites

When a guy, or more than one guy, can get this Old Geezer off multiple times, well they are worth mentioning a second time. Hey, what can I say, but I enjoy masturbating, and some gusy, well they really do get my hand moving fast. So here is my best of June guys, that gave me some pretty awesome orgasms. And did again, as I wrote this post.

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