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Daddy’s Fantasies

Sex fantasy stories inspired by various photographs and videos from adult sites. Brief erotica to help one enjoy some masturbation time.

Mating Rituals of Twinks

Sometime I just want to enjoy my own version of scene release, and well hell I do like a good story now and then. Besides, Jessie Montgomery is awfully hot. Hey Helix has some damn good looking guys.

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Fuck He Is Home Go Hide Quick

What can I say, but the two scenes from Helix, about Blade cheating on Connor, with Jessie, just got me dreaming and thinking. I do like a good sex story, and well hell, I think if I was Connor, I'd have handled it a wee bit differently. I'd have kept em both, because hell, Blade and Jessie are worth having on a regular basis.

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He’d Fit the Role of Able Seaman

There is no doubt, that blond Tim Walker gets me harder than fucking steel. But you know, it is a fantasy world, because no way am I lucky enough to grab me a Tim Walker. Still, when you think about it, living in a fantasy world can be fun, like thinking of all the possibilites one might have, if they were someone different, in some place different.

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He Makes Me Cum

Call it old age, call it whatever you want, but damn it, this Justin Lebeau makes me glad to be alive. Course I curse a bit every morning after, because he does get me having way too many wet dreams. That means more laundry, but fuck, look at his fat uncut cock, at that shaggy hair, well built body, and tell me it wouldn't get you excited too.

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An Incantation or Two

Okay so I am a bit odd, I am entitled, given my age. But if you stop and think about it, the possibilities one could encounter, from being a genuine Wizard, are awfully tempting. Think of being able to cast a spell over some hot barely legal guy, like Kyle Ross or Justin Lebeau. Imagine never having to worry about if the sexy guy will come home with you or not. I mean, damn that would be fun.

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Wet Dream Fuck

Sometimes, the pictures alone don't do it. But hey, with a good imagination, damn, can you have fun. Like with Evan and Anderson, where a fantasy that is driving Anderson nuts, can actually become more than just a wet dream in the morning. Where his erotic thoughts about Evan Parker, can actually turn into a new hot romance.

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