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Wet Dream Hotties

Certain men have a more powerful presence, create a more intense feeling, and provide more than just a brief one time vision for self satisfaction.

Blond Jessie takes it deep.

I could enjoy a social media hook-up like this

Jessie Montgomery knows how to make me believe the fantasy, and at the same time, make me believe I could be the lucky bastard to hook up with him and enjoy that sexy sweet body of his. Hey, the guy is hot! More than that, he really does know how to work it, and is damn good at enjoying a good hard rod up his butt. Could anyone ask for more?

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romantic affair with Bel Ami boys

Pair of Bel Ami cuties | Jerome and Helmut

Bel Ami boys have a special place in Daddy's heart. They were my first online passion at the beginning, and they still remain one of my all time favorites. Hey, with guys like Helmut Huxley, can you blame me for obsessing over them? They just keep getting better too!

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sexy blond twink

Sweet Jessie

I fell for Jessie the first time he appeared on Helix and its been an on going love affair since. I love how he has grown into his role, and how he can still get my motor running hot. Truth is, he gets it hotter with each new scene release, and damn, he is looking good too.

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two sets of twinky tushies

Pair of Sweet Buns

I do drone on about my Helix Boys, but seriously they are worth it. Blond Jessie is well, sexy and always horny, but newcomer, more or less, Greco Rai is a real bonafide cutie. Hey, I do love curly hair, of thinking of twisting those locks between my finges while gently pulling ... well you get the picture

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sweet stud muffin Kris

Staxus hottie Kris Blent

There is something exciting about a slender young blond, that has a mysterious, or naughty, look to him. When his face stares at you, those eyes piercing deep into your soul, that just gets a guy quivering. Kris has that look, yet when he smiles, your heart just melts.

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blond bi-sexual twink

Kinky Blond Bi Sexual Shows Off

You just never know where you will find a hidden treasure. Like when I went trolling at Choasmen, and found this hot blond bi-sexual, named Ares. Now him, I could develop a real crush for. Hope they do more shoots with him, he is that good looking.

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