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The real world, outside of one’s fantasy sex world, where things actually do happen.

stroking his uncut cock

Yay It Works

Isn't life fun? Specially when you enjoy a nice online fantasy or two, but sometimes them Internet Gremlins do surface. Least some things still work, as they should.

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Where are the Twinks

Honestly, I don't mind hunks, don't even mind some hairy guys either, but I do prefer my twinks, so when you say they are Twinks in shorts, well how about showing me at least one twink? These two, well they don't make me think TWINK.

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Skye and Ryan at Euroboyxxx

What a change

I am not fond of videos, to bust a nut over. I like to have my hands free to enjoy stroking, not stopping and starting at various places. So why can't EuroboyXXX use screen captures for their photographs instead of the faked stills they use now? Some of those guys are damn gorgeous and worthy of a good fantasy wank.

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Damn that gets me ready to rub one out

I do love my twinks, and I want to enjoy a good old fashioned wank over them, as I flip through the photographs. Find a decent one, and I could enjoy jerking my pole till it pops one off, but honestly it is getting awfully hard to find even just one decent photograph at some sites.

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making ends meet

Even Twinky’s are getting expensive

Life can truly suck at times, when you are limited in funds. Still, I have to say, at least I can still afford my fantasy sex life. It's better than nothing, and if I save my pennies, well maybe I can treat myself to the real thing next month.

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