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My Unvarnished Opinion

Those certain things that just make a guy annoyed. Pictures or videos that fail to deliver what one expects, or perhaps just a trait that one doesn’t appreciate.

same old stuff

Where is the beef?

Wouldn't it be nice if sites provided content that actually got one excited to sign up? Or at le3ast gave you content that matched the site name? I know I sure would like it.

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hot cock

State of Porn-O-Land | The POV Craze

In some ways, it is quite arousing to watch a hot guy being blown or fucked, as if you are the lucky bastard getting it. But not all sites can pull it off, they try to either get too artsy fartsy, or just add shit that makes the whole POV fantasy tiresome and well, bit annoying.

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hot long haired blond twink

Fuck Daddy Loves Long Hair Blonds Like Carl

Carl Alexander is just what makes Daddy have wet dreams, but then it did a year and three quarters ago too. I mean what is with these sites, recycling content from one of their sites into another, a year later and calling it a new release? Fucking pissed this old fart off. Though it was enjoyable seeing this cutie again.

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Movie review of The Lucky One

When they grow up – Zac Efron

Me, I just enjoy watching them sing, dance, act, and no, it doesn't have to include nudity. Besides, it all helps get me ready for bed, with a nice heart warming story, a sexy hot guy like Zac Efron, and my warped imagination. Come on, who wouldn't like to be Zac's love object?

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