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It Is About the Fantasy

It Is About the Fantasy

I do love my Twinks, in fact I visit with them daily, sometimes even two or three times a day, and yes, some do haunt my dreams at night, but then, I may be old, but I sure as fuck ain’t dead yet.

There are many sites that claim this and that, but the following is my list of sites, that I consider worth prying out my wallet, to sign up to.  Also, there are some sites, that well, even if I was uber rich, I would pass on signing up.

Yes I Paid To Join These Sites

Helix Studios

  • Home of Kyle Ross and Jessie Montgomery
  • Lots of sweet young Twinks that get me hard as hell
  • Live Sex Shows just for Members
  • Discounts on DVDs, if I was so inclined
  • Great Story Lines to enhance my dreams
  • Good large sized photographs
  • Great Quality of Videos
  • Easy to search Archives
  • Model bios and they all seem to Twitter too.

Check Out Helix Studios Today

No, I am not cheap, but I do like value for my money, which I sure do get over at Helix. I mean they have all those regular live sex shows, which I seem to miss but what I love is the series they do. Like the ‘1st time remembered’ series, where the guys talk about their first sexual experience, and through the discussion, you get to see it re-enacted. Now that is HOT!

I Am Saving Up To Join


  • Daily Updates
  • Hot Twinks like Tim Walker and Milan Sharp, and more
  • Lots of pictures
  • Great membership price deals, even for an entire year.
  • Model biographies
  • Mostly bareback sex
  • Lovely Uncut Cocks, some pretty big one’s too
  • Some good story lines

Check Out Staxus Today

Staxus has some awfully good Twinks, the kind that I truly do love to fantasize about. Plus, they do have some decent story lines, but they also have some posed pictures, that do dampen my urges a wee bit. Still, those guys are Hot. Hey, they have Tim Walker and Brad Fitt, and well the list keeps growing too.

Bel Ami Online

  • Daily updates
  • Big archives
  • Mostly Uncut Cocks
  • Well built young men, including some American visitors
  • Lavish sets, that really give your dreams some extra energy
  • Good amount of bareback sex

Tour Bel Ami Online Now

Come on, Bel Ami is the class of young guy Porn. I mean they have been around for ages, and they sure do know how to show off all those lovely uncut young guys. Plus, well, they just bring a smile to an Old Geezer like me, and boy do I have some favorites there.


  • Award winning Video series
  • Sexy hot Young Guys, with great sexual appeal
  • One on One interviews with the Models
  • Bio pages
  • Crystal clear high definition photographs

Visit with Cockyboys Now

Cockyboys has been around for some time, but I never really bothered with them, until I found that both Jett Black and Justin Lebeau were models there. It is rather new to me, but so far, what I have seen, has me counting the pennies until I can actually join. The videos are top drawer, done with flair, that not many sites can equal.

If I Had Extra Money I’d  Consider Joining These

Boy Fun

  • Lots of hot young Twinks
  • Where I first saw Jade Parker
  • Excellent pictures and videos
  • Well established, been around for ages


Have Some Fun with These Boys

I know I am old, but at times I think BoyFun has been around long before I was born, though not quite true. Still, they do have a knack of finding some awfully cute young guys. It is certainly high up on my lists of sites to join, if and when I can ever afford it all. Hey, satisfying one’s need for porn isn’t cheap.


BoyCrush - Read My Thoughts

BoyCrush - Read My Thoughts

When I first started actually having a blog, Boycrush was one of those sites that sure got me horny. Things have changed a bit, and I am still on the fence, as to whether or not, it is worth the expense. Hey, I love my twinks, but…

Tour BoyCrush for Yourself



Another site, that has been around for some time. Boyzparty has some more latin type Twinks, that are rather cute. However, they have been adding some content from Europe, and are now being managed by the Next Door group. So I am waiting to see what they do with Boyzparty before I reach for the old wallet

Check Out these Party Boyz for Yourself

Bareback Twink

Bareback Twink

It seems to be the rage, young guys fucking condom free. Gotta say, they do have some good looking guys, at times. It is one of those sites, that I just keep thinking about, and changing my mind about.

Visit BarebackTwink Today

Bare Adventures

Bare Adventures

I am just unsure of this one. Again, seems to have some decent Twinks, all fucking bare, but at times, well, it just doesn’t really grab me. It is too, well, plug and play, if you know what I mean

Grab an Adventure Here



At first, I wasn’t all that thrilled with this site. It just didn’t seem to have much to it, but lately, they have begun some series, with different guys and a couple of regulars, that has gotten this old geezer a bit randy. Over time, they have rather moved up a bit on my list of sites, to consider adding to my portoflio of porn relief.

Check out Eurocreme Yourself

Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads

I can’t make up mind about whether or not they are a twink site, or a more of a hunk site. I mean sometimes they have some good looking young guys, other times they look a bit too macho for my taste. Still they are Brits, which generally mean Uncut, which I do like.

Tour Hard Brit Lads Today

Next Door Twinks

Next Door Twinks

I’ve seen them around, and to be honest it never really grabbed my attention, until lately. It seems okay, and fro what I have seen, the guys aren’t bad looking, but the jury is still out on that score.

Look Around Next Door Twink

Some Other Sites To Puruse

There are lots of sites to check out, and honestly, the one’s below are some I have looked at, or not, that simply didn’t make much of an impression. At least not so I’d consider signing up, but hey to each their own. You might like them.




Not Even If I Was a Millionaire

Honestly I do try to be fair, but there are some sites out there, that just get my dander up. I mean they provide photographs that are way too small, or too blurry to be of any real use. Now how is that supposed to make me believe that once I pay my money, things will be different? Or worse, they show obviously staged pictures, that simply ruin any chance of a fantasy, and how is that gonna get me off?


  • Nice story lines, but
  • Too much posing
  • Improper Casting
  • Music or Grunts Blaring on Tour Page
  • Small pictures

If You Must – Check It Out


  • No real story lines
  • Small images
  • No names or details of the Models
  • Photographs supplied are minimal action, mostly posing
It seems to be content purchase many years earlier, and either is being released now, or is being recycled.

It is hard to know really. Plus, some of the supposed Twinks, look way older than any Twink would look.

The content just comes across as being plain, and rather boring.

Lastly, without knowing any details, it makes it very difficult for an old fart like me (or anyone else) to conjure up any really decent fantasy.  I mean you don’t even get to know if they are cut or uncut, if they are a Top or a Bottom, never mind how big their cocks are.

If You Are Curious, Click Here


Honestly, the trend of posed pictures is annoying, but when the site is a Kink site, that deals in S&M scenes, somehow seeing the guys laughing while they are being spanked, whipped, or pegged, just seems not only stupid, but counter productive.

I can handle some posing, can even understand it, to a small degree, but not when it involves the giving and receiving of Pain.

While I am not really into the whole pain thing, I don’t mind a bit of it, or a bit of bondage either, but what is supplied, is just plain silly, and insulting.

Guys do not laugh, while being forced to take a big cock or dildo up their tightly clenched butt. Nor do they smile and grin while their skin is pinched by a gazillion clothes pins.

Click Here to Throw Your Money Away



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