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cranky old guysThere are a ton of blogs out there, and for each one, there is something they do, that other blogs don’t do.

Some include thumbnail pictures that lead to a big picture, while others ( like this one ) will lead you to the real site that produced that picture.

Some don’t let you see the large picture, but on this site, I try to include at the bottom, the gallery of pictures that when clicked lead to a larger image, as provided to me from the sponsor site.

What I do on this blog, is talk about the images, and what attracts me, or distracts me.  I figure you can tell what is happening, by simply looking at the picture.

I pay for this site, out of my pocket, and I only get paid from sponsors, when you sign up to join them as a member.  I try to let you know, what to expect. I can only go on, from what I see.  Just like you.

When I have first hand knowledge, hey, I share that with you.  Thing is, joining a membership site doesn’t have to be a crap shoot.  Should you join one, find something we should all know, then make a comment.  Good or bad, it gets listed, because that is how we all can find out what is Kosher, and what is a Rip.

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