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Helix Studios has some very sexy young men, but it isn’t just that they look good, they actually sell this old man on the story, on the fantasy.  Jessie Montgomery is just one of them, but damn ever since he dyed his hair blond, I’ve come to really enjoy seeing new releases of him.

Jessie’s dick may only be 7½ inches long, but damn it sure looks a lot bigger than that.  Most likely it is because it is just a lot thicker, which really does make him a treat.  Long and thick, a perfect combination.  But as much as Jessie is cute, it is how he expresses himself, that really has me drooling.

For being just 19, it is amazing at how much talent this young man has. I mean he’s a damn sexy dancer, and he’s got a warm personality, that shines through even on camera. Some of the facial looks he gives, are heart stoppers. Course the live shows he’s been in, are even better. You just can’t jerk off to this stud muffin one time, because he is that enticing.


One thing about Jessie, is he never seems bored like so many of todays Porn models. He always seems to be enjoying what is happening, just like Kyle Ross does. No wonder Helix Studios is one of my favorite membership sites. One I am a paying member to.


twink strips his buddy

Jessie with Evan Parker
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This is one of my favorite images of Jessie.  The way he is staring at Evan, as he starts to undress his buddy, is a look that just oozes charm. Hell, it makes believe they are truly best friends, sharing a very intimate first time moment.  And that does make me feel special, and yes, it does get me stroking a bit faster too.

Jessie Montgomery looking pensive

Just Fucking Sexy
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I can’t make up my mind whether this image, or the one where is fully clothes, in that same pose, is the one that tips me over the edge or not. I mean that sort of pensive look of his, the way he’s staring with those beautiful blue eyes, just has me quivering in anticipation.  I guess I am a sucker for a hot stare or two, but the jeans, the muscled body, all makes him look so damn inviting, I can’t resist drifting off to dream about him.


The new series “Helix Academy” has Jessie in the second episode, and I need to watch them. I’ve been so remiss in staying in tune with what is happening, but hey that’s old age for you. But damn, that looks like it is gonna be one hot series


Helix new series Helix Academy

The New Series from Helix Looks Hot
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In thinking about Jessie, it just isn’t enough that he is good looking, or even that he acts like he is into the whole episode. The supporting cast has to be of good quality too,  And part of that supporting cast, is how the photographs & videos are taken, and put together.  There simply has to be something that helps the Model sell the scene.

Now Jessie is pretty good at selling me, but some of that is also due to the sets, the lighting they use and of course the other guys. I mean the picture of him fucking Kyle, who is sucking on Ian Levine’s dick is just one example. You can see how he is watching Kyle, see how Ian is staring down at Kyle.  It all just fits together.

hot three way with Kyle Ross and Jessie Montgomery

Threesome with Kyle Ross AND Jessie YUM
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You Can Only See Jessie at Helix Studios – Click Here

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