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Forgive an old man, his foibles, but honestly there is something very special about Justin Lebeau.  The first time I saw him, I couldn’t believe he was straight, or willing to explore the possibility that perhaps he was about more than just a narrowly defined label, as Heterosexual can be.  And yes, that holds true for the label “Homosexual”, as well.

There simply isn’t any one feature that I can point to, and say “That Is What Got Me” but if I had to choose from all the available options, I’d certainly say it was his face.  Surprised?  I mean he does have a gorgeous Penis, but no, it is that face and the expressions that roll across it, that really grab my heart, and yank on it.


Justin Lebeau with some Porn friends

Such a Handsome young man
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The very first time I saw Justin Lebeau, was when he appeared on Squirtz.

As soon as I saw that first glance, with him decked out in one of those hats, he seems to favor, that shaggy mop of hair, and that rather chubby face, I was hooked.

It was like being suddenly whisked off into a dream world, and let me tell you, I had some damn good orgasms from that first scene of Justin.


Justin Lebeau explored his sexuality, and liked what he found

Justin is more secure in his sexuality than ever
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Now I do enjoy a good solo scene, and Justin has certainly done a few of those, mainly on Squirtz. It is where I first encountered this heart throb, and honestly, watching him progress in his sexuality journey, was totally amazing. I didn’t think it could get better, and damn, the wet dreams he gave me, were worth every extra load of laundry I had to do.

Just recently he also did a solo Shower scene on Videoboys, that absolutely took my breath away. The photography was amazing, capturing the soap running down his rather fat cock, down his inner thigh. Plus he has matured since I first saw him, with a more manly look to him, that still makes my heart flutter with desire.

To my amazement, I also found a recent solo scene of Justin, over on Cockyboys.  It totally blew me away, and not just because it was of Justin, but it was an outdoor scene.  The pictures were pretty damn good too, and I have to admit, it did get me stroking like a mad man.  Hey, Justin Lebeau certainly gets me excited, and I just can’t help breaking out the bottle of lube and a couple of cum rags.


One of Justin’s latest partners in Porn, was Jett Black.

I think everyone knows about the young blond Ballet performer, who got turfed from the Winnpeg Ballet, for doing porn, but you know, he nearly stole the limelight from Justin, in their duo on Videoboys.

I was gobsmacked at how cute they both are, how well they simply look together, plus how damn turned on Justin seemed to be, by Jett. Let me just say that Daddy here, had one mother fucker of an orgasm over that scene.


Justin Lebeau's gorgeous fat cock

Gorgeous Body and Delicious Penis
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Not only is Justin very good looking, but take a look at that body. I mean really he has a good athletic look to him, and if you ever have seen some of the pictures of him, with the other guys, you can tell this guy knows how to work that gorgeous cock of his.  Like tell me you wouldn’t enjoy having him behind your ass, driving that dick deep inside of you.   Jett Black certainly seemed to enjoy it, and you know, Justin sure didn’t seem mind sucking on Jett’s lovely Penis either.

Kind of nice to see how he has grown, sexually. Hell, he even did a solo shoot where he jerked off, and blew that tasty cum of his, right into his own mouth. Now you know, that not only takes talent, but goes to show you just how he has become truly more than the straight lad who showed up a few years back at Squirtz.   And I for one, am damn glad he did, and by the way, there is another scene showing in my inbox.  I can’t wait to open that one up.


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