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Kinky Angel Kevin Warhol

Kevin has a look that just gets my heart fluttering
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You know, I am not fond of Tattoos, but the one on Kevin’s neck, his ankle, kind of suit the guy. It actually does get me feeling a wee bit aroused, when I see that tattoo, along with one of his patented looks. I mean check out those piercing eyes of his, as he stares at you, then tell me that doesn’t give you a few goose bumps.

Plus I really do love a young twink who loves his protein. Something Kevin seems he can never get enough of, but hey there are many sides to this sexy young Bel Ami boy.  I mean normally he is a bottom, but not long ago he played the role of a Dominant Top that had me jerking like a mad man.


more of Kevin Warhol staring

He’s a hidden treasure
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I know many are just interested in the more, shall we say, physical attributes, but honestly that is just part of what truly helps get me off.  After all, if you have seen one tasty uncut cock, well you’ve seen all there is to see.  Sure they come in different sizes, but honestly one cock is like another, when it comes to sucking on it, or taking it up the ass.  You gotta have more than just a good uncut cock, to get me coming back.

While I do enjoy my Bel Ami boys, it is the guys like Kevin that keep me coming back. Okay there are others too, but lets be honest, the sex is the same, no matter who is doing who. That is why I love Bel Ami boys, because while the sex is like sex with anyone else, their expressions, their demeanor, that truly gets me hard and well, stroking faster. It also helps insure a decent orgasm, which at my age, I want to experience as often as I can.



fat uncut cock

Kevin’s got a Beautiful Penis
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As much as I enjoy seeing Kevin on the receiving end of a good fuck, the guy also has an insatiable appetite for Cum. I mean he really does seem to enjoy slurping up a good dose of Semen, but there is more to him than just being a hot young bottom boy.


Kevin Warhol enjoying fresh cum

Kevin is a cum pig, don’t you think?
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