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Staxus model Noah Matous


The instant I saw Noah, I thought I was having a flashback, to the early days of Kyle Ross from Helix.

Seriously, take a close look at Noah’s face and the way he looks. You would swear he was a pretty close carbon copy of Kyle.  And while there is some physical resemblence, there is more to my infatuation with Noah.

I love his hair, the swept look that Kyle had, and those eyes just seem to be able to rip right through your body, striking deep into your heart, arousing all sorts of naughty thoughts.

It isn’t just the hair, or the fact that Noah is a damn hot young bottom, just as Kyle is, but it is the constant smile on his face.

More than that, Noah’s expressions are similar to Kyle’s. You just know that he is enjoying himself, that he looks like he is really into his partner, and not just as some means to a paycheck.

Like Kyle, Noah makes you believe he is that person he is supposed to be. Noah makes you believe in the fantasy, as Kyle does.


sexy porn star Noah Matous


One of the first scenes I saw featuring Noah Matous, was Noah playing a pizza delivery boy.

Now I love Pizza, but damn it, I never got me a delivery boy as hot looking as him.

I mean if I had, you can bet I would be ordering Pizza everynight. Plus I know exactly what I would be tipping him, too.

Oh, like you wouldn’t give him a generous tip?

hot pepperroni stick


Staxus got themselves a real winner when they found Noah Matous.

Not only is he damn good looking, but he has that certain something, that makes you believe in whatever role he is playing. That is a rare quality in a young Porn model, and very few can carry it off.

Twinks like Kyle Ross from Helix is one, and now you can add Noah Matous to that small list.


Noah Matous draws you in


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