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Noah with five other guys

Five Guys and Noah Matous Gang Bang Fun

Through whoever you want in the mix, as long as I get a birds eye view of watching Noah take them all on. Hey, what can I say, that young man knows how to hit the right buttons for this Old Codger. Now if only I can find a way to get him into my bedroom.

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Jessie Montgomery bones Brad Chase

Romance, Blond Bombshell Style

Yes I am biased, I truly do enjoy watching Jessie Montgomery making out with the other Helix boys. What can I say, I am a sucker for blonds, but more than that, I am a sucker for a good bit of old fashioned romance with my sex. Jessie and the Helix boys, know how to deliver that to me, so my fantasies are super charged.

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Straight 24 year old

The Patched Up Leather Couch and Straight guy Thomas

Sometimes you just gotta wonder about some programs. I mean where is the panache, the jazz, when every scene is a differeent guy jacking off, or getting blown, but always on the same old patched up leather couch? Like really? They can splurge for a patched up green sofa, or maybe film in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or out on the patio? Why is it always on some patched up old leather sofa, with the same potted plant?

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two sets of twinky tushies

Pair of Sweet Buns

I do drone on about my Helix Boys, but seriously they are worth it. Blond Jessie is well, sexy and always horny, but newcomer, more or less, Greco Rai is a real bonafide cutie. Hey, I do love curly hair, of thinking of twisting those locks between my finges while gently pulling ... well you get the picture

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enjoying a hard penetrating fuck

Sticky Sweet Boy Hole

I do love it when Twinks start messing around, and sharing such sweet treats like a multi flavored lollipop. Course who knew, what else a lollipop could be used for, or lead to.

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Jaro rams Will's tight boy hole

Military excursion in the woods

Who didn't enjoy playing soldiers as a kid? I know I did, and to think, I missed out on all these fun excursions because, well, who knew? Eh? Jaro and Will make for some cute recruits out searching for rebels, course they are packing some serious weaponry, like nice thick cocks.

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