Daddy's Choice Twinkies

  • Scotty Clarke, the real deal or a flash in the pan twink

    Flash in the Pan

    I love my Helix Boys, and one of the newer young Twinks, is Scotty Clarke. He has such a sweet face, and a killer body that gets me drooling. Though he seems to stare at the camera dude too much, he is still cute. Dylan is pretty hot too, plus he wears tight fitting shorts. I love twinks in tight undies.

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Just Added

Max and Mike

Romance in Twink Land

Personally, I am not a guy who likes a quickie. I want to take my time in making out and enjoying every part of that young flesh and vibrant young man. Like it is more enjoyable to tease, to kiss, before going down on the cock. Kind of what Max and Mike do, which only makes my daydream more potent. Hey, I like a bit of reality in my fantasies.

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sexy blond bombshell strips and strokes

Blond Bombshell for Tonights Wet Dream

If I catch a glimpse of their hair, and it is blond, there is no way I'll not take a closer look. Glad I did when I spotted this blond sexpot. He's got such a nice smile, to go with that divine body. Long hairy legs to wrap around me. Yet more than his physical good looks, is that sense that he likes to have fun. He's no wham bam I am gone type, or so I think.

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sexy bel ami boy Antonio

A Preppy but Damn He’s Hot

I was hooked on Bel Ami awhile back, so far back they didn't have a membership site back then, just videos. Remember Johann Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston? Well going through the old files, I found Antonio Karalli, and to be honest, he's still got what it takes, to get me horny and reaching for some lubricant. The pictures are a total fantasy turn on for an old crock like me.

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Erick Milano and Johan Brigg

Eight Inch Cock and Piercings Galore

Body piercings can make the sex a real turn on, from belly, nipple, to tongue ones. Course I am partial to guys with a tongue piercings, if the guy is into some rimming. Otherwise he better have a big fat cock to stuff up my ass. Hey, its about being serviced, right?

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sexy young men

Hey Y’All

A brief introduction, given how new this blog is. Not even sure it is what I want, but a friend insists I should have one, so this is my attempt at one. Hopefully you'll find my taste in young men, to your liking. If not, maybe you'll just enjoy my off the wall humor.

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Daddy's Fantasies

Quick Wank

My Unvarnished Opinion

  • Give me some Sizzle

    I maybe old, but I still enjoy jerking off to some hot young twinks. Problem is, I like a bit of sizzle with my sex, I am tired of the boring sets, the same routine. Give me something to spark my imagination, so I can get an orgasm, not just a dribble of spunk after it all. Some do it, why can't they all do it? Besides, these guys are fucking cute, why take away their naturaly gift of making an old man cum?

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  • They Look Like Jailbirds

  • pair of horny tops at Average Joe blog

    Damn he got me horny

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