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  • hot twink foursome

    Just Cus They Are Twinks

    Don't you just love Twinks who are full of life, of fun, of cum? Put four horny guys together in a bedroom, and you just know there is gonna be some cock slurping and ass drilling happening. Hey, when the old Farts are gone, why not enjoy their bedroom to its max? These guys do.

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Just Added

Skaterboy likes curved cocks

Nothing like a bit of a curve, to help get that throbbing dick down the throat. And this is nicely curved, just as the skaterboy likes. Can't blame him either, I wouldn't mind a gobble on that Penis

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Wonder how much he got?

You know, if you take a guy out for dinner, spend a hundred bucks on it, and get lucky, that's called having a date, but you can't offer a guy a hundred bucks to come home and have sex. Besides, there is no guarantee you will get lucky, even if dinner cost you two hundred bucks.

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Jizz Addiction episode

Strip Tease and a Blow Job

Not sure I'd have the balls to get it on with a hottie in a classroom. I'd be too nervous to get it up, but hell, Jordan and Ryker don't seem to have that problem. Now if only I was there to enjoy it first hand.

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three choice to jack off to

Which one shall I fantasize and drool over today?

Too many choices for an old Geezer, can lead to one doing themselves an injury to their tool of love. Hey, it still works, and who would want to have it out of commission? Staxus needs to keep that in mind when they send me such cuties to drool over. But I am greedy, so maybe I'll risk it, and bust a nut to all three of these hotties.

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Daddy's Fantasies

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My Unvarnished Opinion

  • Bored but Awfully Cute

    I do enjoy good looking twinks like Mario, but I do prefer they actually seem to be enjoying the sex. Nothing like a guy who is hot that appears to be bored with it all. Maybe if he was with different sex partners, he would be more animated. Though maybe they were all out too late the night before, practising for this photo shoot? Could explain the dazed and blank looks.

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  • Versatile Teaser

  • Jail Cell Fuck

Hot Dream Makers

News In Picture

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  • barebacking
  • Maxim Moira and Lee Foxx
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  • Helix threesome

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