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  • Score is Love Fifteen

    Even with his tattoo, there is something awfully sweet about jock boy Max Carter. He certainly does enjoy his sports, and I think he loves being outdoors. After all, sex just seems better when you have the sun beaming down on you, adding to the sweat that pours out of your body, as you wrap your legs around some sexy partner?

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Just Added

jerking off for the camera


Don't you love a guy who is well built, athletic and yet rather charming? You could hunt around for guys like that, but they are a bit of a rare bird these days. Thankfully there is Hunter Gage, who is good looking, and yep, Uncut. A Daddy treasure me thinks.

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lovely pucker hole of Island surfer Cal

Classic California Surfer Look but…

There is something about blue eyed twinks, built like a typical California surfer. They just ooze sexuality, and while 18 year old Cal looks like a typical Californian, fact is he's surfing the Island waves. WIsh I could surf his wave though, damn what a nice cock he has

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skater twinks suck cock

How Skaters Relax

Pair of deep throating skater twinks, who love cock. Heck, they love it almost as much as they love riding their boards, but then hey, both are always stiff and yet flexible when needed. Gotta luv them twinks.

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late night cock taste and ass drilling

When you can’t sleep, fuck

I often wake up needing a snack, only problem is I don't have a Justin, Danton, or Chris hanging around for me to munch on. Have to do something about that, because I sure do get awfully hungry at midnight, for twinky cock and ass.

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Twink gets his ass fucked condom free

Fresh Bare Hole for Fucking

Ever wonder why twinks are always in a damn hurry to get fucked? Like Leo here who gets his dick sucked by Bentley, while he sucks Bentley's, but they aren't even naked yet. Like, geez, take a second at least to rip the clothes off.

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My Unvarnished Opinion

  • hot bareback anal sex

    But Where Is the Rimming Action

    The pictures are good, but not varied enough. I mean a guy wants to get off, or at least get inspired so he can stroke his dick and imagine himself being one, or both, of the young men. Talk about being bored, when you get the same action being shown, just in various different angles. That isn't going to get me off. Oh, and talk about a hot rimming but don't provide any pictures, is just plain nasty. I had my heart set on jerking off to Josh rimming Wade.

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  • They Look Like Jailbirds

  • Versatile Teaser

Hot Dream Makers

News In Picture

  • three way rimming
  • hot steamy twink action with Kyle Ross
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  • barebacking
  • Maxim Moira and Lee Foxx
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  • Helix threesome

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