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  • Jessie watches his room mates make out

    That First Night

    Damn if I am not inspired, by just the images from Helix Academy scene one. The pictures are fucking awesome, and they do get this Old Geezer horny, and yes, off too. What can I say, it has Jessie Montgomery in it, which is like an automatic stiffy for me, but it is more than that.

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Just Added

Justin Alexander and Shane Hirch

Up for a hot massage

I do so enjoy giving a hot slender young thing a bit of a rub down, before uh, getting much more pesonal. Better yet though would be to have them caress my tired old body with those firm young hands, wiggly digits, and uh, much more. Hey, I am versatile, and a hot massage with warm scented oil is very stimulating, don't you think?

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adult fantasy

Party time with two Monks

The concept is interesting, and you know, until around 500AD, Monks had a boy toy to train and teach the ways of their Order. I like the twinks in this scene, but the set needs a wee bit of authenticity, don't you think?

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jerking himself off

Alex plays with his butt and cock

I swear, sites forget their themes at times. I mean come on if you are showcasing Emo Twinks, how about that the models actually look like Emos? Oh well, Alex Page is still hot, and he does know how to please himself, so that is a plus!

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Gorgeous boy Jacob Riley

Blond Sex Muffin Strokes One Out

Daddy is partial to blonds, like everyone else. Okay, maybe not everyone, but hey, that is just 'cuz they haven't experienced the fun a real blond gives a guy. Like this sexy blond Jacong Riley obviously can deliver. Hey, he is slender, hot, and just look at his tasty cock and ass. Tell me you don't like blonds!

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Greco Rei with Connor Jacobs

Greco Rei and the Two Step with Connor

You know sometimes, you see a picture and suddenly your mind is off on some tanget. Like the one picture with Greco Rei and Connor Jacobs. It just got me thinking of a dance, and how I used to wish I could ask that cute jock for a dance on Prom night, but that was not possible in my day. Still, it is an interesting fantasy to have.

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Chris Jansen and Joshua Levy

Cruising the Park for a hot Fuck

Joshua Levy has a hard look at times, that just makes him even more delicious. Come on, who doesn't enjoy a guy that looks a bit menacing, specially considering the weapon he has dangling between his legs. Size Queens rejoice, at something that thick and long. Least I am drooling over it.

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