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  • Waking Sleeping Beauty

    Mid week can be such a bore, but not when you get to enjoy Max Ryder and Scott Bennet getting into a hot bit of sex. I love the layouts, right down to the yellow jockstrap. Course I like the hot uncut cocks and the way those Peckers get sucked, and milked. Hey, a good cum explosion certainly breaks up the day. Gets a guy stroking pretty good too.

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Alex Killborn and Noah White

Remembering losing his cherry

I love it when Helix does a sort of flashback thing, when a hot model recounts how he lost his virginity, or some other first time experience. They nail it pretty good with choice of model, but honestly, they seem to get guys who capture the moment, who truly make you believe you are witnessing that first time experience.

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Marc Ruffalo and Bobby Noiret

Boys will be Boys, Thankfully

I do so love the new crop of Club Bel Ami boys, like Bobby Noiret. He just looks like a fun date, and you know, I think Marc Ruffalo agrees. Course Marc is damn hot, in his own right, but together with Bobby, what a damn hot pair of Bel Ami boys they make. Cute couple too!

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stroking his uncut cock

Yay It Works

Isn't life fun? Specially when you enjoy a nice online fantasy or two, but sometimes them Internet Gremlins do surface. Least some things still work, as they should.

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sex in the back of a minivan

Minivan Sex

I am not a fan of the preppy boy look, but damn it, sometimes these guys can just pull it off. And you know, it kind of suits that they are making out in the back of the Minivan. I mean does anything else say Suburbia Boys to you?

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Jayden gets help in cumming

Getting Jayden Off

For me, it is the look as much as it is the cock and ass, and let me tell you, this dark haired guy has that look. Oh, and yeah he does have a nice looking cock and oh so sweet looking ass to go with that look. I might just be in heaven, as I imagine it to be.

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romantic affair with Bel Ami boys

Pair of Bel Ami cuties | Jerome and Helmut

Bel Ami boys have a special place in Daddy's heart. They were my first online passion at the beginning, and they still remain one of my all time favorites. Hey, with guys like Helmut Huxley, can you blame me for obsessing over them? They just keep getting better too!

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hot cock

State of Porn-O-Land | The POV Craze

In some ways, it is quite arousing to watch a hot guy being blown or fucked, as if you are the lucky bastard getting it. But not all sites can pull it off, they try to either get too artsy fartsy, or just add shit that makes the whole POV fantasy tiresome and well, bit annoying.

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