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He is a Grabber

The camera adores Scotty Clarke, and he is a real charmer too. Course I think Anderson steals the scene a bit, with his coy little smile, lustfull looking eyes. Hey, I am a sucker for recreating a first time memory, and this one is fun to watch.

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Twink gets initiated into sex club

Jessies Academy Initiation

Damn is my Pecker sore! Seriously, I loved the trailer so much that I had to go watch the full episode in the members area. Hey, not only was Jessie good, but he had me worried at the start, that some harm might come to my favorite Helix Twink.

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The new kid in class Jessie Montgomery

Twinks get Detention

Excuse my French, but FUCK I love this series from Helix. Course it has Jessie Montgomery and Anderson Lovell in it, but it is a lot more than that, which gets me stroking like a crazy person. What can I say, these guys are hot, the sex is hotter, and they are a pair of sexy guys.

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twinks who can kiss with passion

Kissing Fools

It may not be scientific, but I swear that when I see good looking twinks, kissing with passion, with real emotion, the sex that follows is always better. Hell, I feel that way in real life too, so maybe its a bias, but damn, it works for me. And I do love romance, so when they kiss, it just helps me reach for the lube and get ready for some super duper sex.

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Hory twinks hook up in a hotel room

Anderson and Mathew Create Sparks

Take from a crusty old fart, romance does make the sex better. But if you would rather take it from someone better looking, just ask Mathew Keading or Anderson Lovell. They sure get some sparks happening when they meet up at LA Pride. I do love a pair of horny twinks who connect.

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twink sex academy porn series

Twink Academy of Sex

I do enjoy a good series. No, not on television, because those have Commercials. What I love is watching a series featuring my favorite young Twinks, like the Helix Boys. Which is why Helix Academy is on tap for a nice marathon run on my big screen this weekend. Hey, Jessie Montgomery is in the first four episodes, need I say more?

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