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same old stuff

Where is the beef?

Wouldn't it be nice if sites provided content that actually got one excited to sign up? Or at le3ast gave you content that matched the site name? I know I sure would like it.

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Twinks into kinky sex

Tough Love

Sometimes, you just want to think you are in charge. Nothing helps foster that myth than a wee bit of tough love, including some bondage. Course we all know, the Twink is in charge, given how we do so want him. Hey, its an illusion that works for this old geezer.

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Little Bit of Kink | If Only

My apologizes, really. I was so looking forward to a bit of kinky sex, but as hard as I tried, this little scene from Boynapped, just got my dander up. I like Drake Law, he is damn cute and Dan is okay too. Not their fault, but whoever writes the descriptions, needs to look at the pictures being included. The guy who selects the photographs, needs a head shake too. Rather a turn off, and has me glad my wallet is in my hip pocket, CLOSED TIGHT.

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