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My Helix Boys

Some sites have one or two super stars in their lineup. Helix, in my opinion has a lot more than one or two. And you won't find them anywhere but at Helix. Young guys like Kyle Ross or Jessie Montgomery, just to name two. Then are the others, like Ian Levine, Roman Daniels, and well the list just keeps growing, which makes Helix my one stop sex fantasy store. LOL

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Now He Is Sweet & Damn Desireable

One more reason why this skinflint is planning to crack open his wallet and sign up. I mean look at him, he is so adorable looking, and yet you know he would be fun in bed. But it is more than that, he would be fun to just hang with, to go to a movie with, or maybe to some burger joint for a shake and fries. Then to bed. LOL

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caught shop lifing

Twinks Pay for their Shoplifting with Sex

I would forgive him, wouldn't you? I mean come on, blond Derrick Porter is way too cute to throw in jail. I'd be glad to have him work off his shoplifting, just like Blade Woods does. Hey, nothing like a hot threesome to make the crime go away, now is there? Besides, Derrick is way too adorable to not accept his offer of working off the crime.

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horny twinks kissing

Twink Tuesday | Now These are TWINKS

I love the innocent look, nice long flowing hair, thin creamy smooth bodies, and big thick cocks. And that is exactly what Jade Parker & Derrick Porter have to offer. That and a natural horniness that just makes this old man a bit weak in the knees, feint in the head. I am drooling, just looking at those sweet young faces, and those oh so tasty looking penises. These are definitely what I call TWINKS

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sexy young blond

He Asked for Spare Change, I Took Him Home Instead

The instant I saw Derrick Porter, I was in love. Honestly he is one of those barely legal young men that just kicks my whole body into overdrive. From the top of his shaggy blond hair, to those bony feet of his, I love it all. Hell even the tongue piercing doesn't hinder my lust for this sexy young man. Course it certainly gets my imagination going, and my hand reaching down to stroke my love missile. Hey, I maybe old, but I just love a sexy young twink like Derrick. So much I am gonna have more than one dream about this hottie.

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